i Am Rachel and i am a seeker.

Im here to awaken the beauty that is within you. I believe that creating lasting change in the world comes from creating change in YOUR INNER world. When we are empowered and in love with ourselves our energetic imprint is affecting everything we come in contact with.


The change you seek is within you. 


My passion in life is to uplift people through being the most authentic, joyful and expressed version of myself moment-to-moment. I find that when you are real with people they will be real with you. Everyone in this life is seeking connection. So lets get started by first connecting to ourselves. 

I grew up in Miami and overcame great sickness from birth to the age of 8. In and out of hospitals; I had meningitis, severe asthma that left me debilitated, a collapsed lung and multiple broken bones, amongst other things. This taught me resilience, the intelligence of the body and the magic of unconditional love.

After dodging death multiple times I became a rebel. I had a thirst for self expression and have always dared to take risks in order to know all of myself.

At the age of 18 I moved to NYC to pursue my dreams of being a model. Instead of gracing the cover of Vogue I was privileged enough to learn about the body and how what's happening in your mind dictates your outer world. The next 7 years were spent immersed in spiritual techniques to teach myself how to overcome struggle, body shaming and terrible self-esteem so I could understand the power of self love. I have spent the last 10+ years studying acting and the Meisner technique which has taught me the strength of my emotions and how to use them to create a life of beauty and art.

I have been studying spiritual and human development for over 15 years. Its my obsession. I am committed to knowing and understanding the depths of my being so that I can share my unique gifts and serve the world.

 I have always had a unique ability to see people in their highest. To help them see their unique gifts and learn how to use them. I specialize in reframing. What this means is taking a so-called "problem" and turning it into an opportunity for growth, expansion and self realization.

My mission in life is to guide people to their deepest purpose through realigning them with their physical form and affording them the limitless energy and confidence to live the life of their dreams.

This is about IT. The essence that dwells inside of you. The spirit of the earth that is yearning to come out. To be recognized, to be claimed, to be fully expressed... through you. As you.