11 Minutes to Heavenly WORSHIP






Start with 11 mins of meditation, and work your way up.

Come to a quiet sacred space and get comfortable.

Speak this invocation out loud: "Golden Mother of all creation, I summon you into my life to bring forth the loving essence of my true nature so I may tune into the frequency of love and experience the miracles and magic of my human experience."


HANDS: Place your hands on top of your thighs and connect the thumb and the forefinger (tip to tip, not tip to nail) creating circuit of energy. This is called Gyan Mudra.


BREATHE: Close your eyes & begin to inhale through your nose; exhale through your nose with your tongue gently touching the roof of your mouth.


TUNE IN to the loving essence that surrounds you & exists inside of you by bringing all of you awareness into your heart center. Breathing IN the LOVING energy & Breathing out the LOVING energy.


Visualize an emerald green diamond being placed in the center of your chest directly in your heart chakra. See the green diamond glowing, becoming brighter as it expands out from your chest-growing stronger as it surrounds you like a big vortex of light, with you directly in the center.

BREATHE deeply here for 16 full breathes. ( You can count this by starting at the tip of your pointer finger, then to the first crease of that finger, to the second crease and then the crease that meets the palm of your hand. 4 points on each finger using your thumb as the counter equals 16 breaths.)

MOVE your attention to the top of you head, onto your crown chakra, as you imagine it opening. 
See a golden light forming out of the top of your head, creating a halo above you. This golden universal energy is now showering you with unconditional love, admiration, & celebration in honor of your worthiness & beauty.

RECEIVE this blessing into every cell of your body and stay here for as long as you desire. Circulating and bathing in the energy of love.

BRING your hands together in front of your heart, in prayer pose, and give thanks to yourself first and foremost, to this practice you are cultivating and to the omnipresent loving energy that supports you always.




Josefina Bashout the Pussy Priestess is a women's health advocate   holistic lifestyle designer.  She is on a mission to remind the world of their true loving essence and reconnect them with the powerful blueprint of their soul design. For more information and private sessions check out her website www.josefinabashout.com and follow her on instagram @pusssypriestess