Full Moon in Gemini: A Vehicle for Variety, December 13th 2017

On December 13th we collectively lean into the inquisitive energy of the Full Moon in Gemini.


Over the last month we moved through an emotionally charged Full Moon in Scorpio followed by an expansive Sagittarian New Moon. These energies invited us to feel into our emotional bodies and seek the wisdom available there, while also aiming to expand beyond the confines that emotional overwhelm can impose in order to seek the wisdom available from a more spacious “mountain top” perspective.

Let us honor the simultaneous truths that wisdom lives within the deepest parts of our psyche (Scorpio) and also that it fills the spaciousness cultivated when we take in the bigger picture from an “eagle eye view” (Sagittarius.)

Have you found the balance between the two?  From the depths of our inner oceans to the highest heights in the outer world, that’s a lot of space to cover in search for meaning. Enter Gemini as the vehicle for that exploration.

The vehicle for questions. The vehicle in which we sit comfortably inside of uncertainty. For it is in uncertainty that we have room to ponder, stretch, discover and grow.

Gemini the student, the storyteller, the communicator, the trickster. In our search for wisdom, inner and outer knowing, it serves us well to enter into relationship with a curious energy such as Gemini.

Gemini compels us to explore every nook and cranny from the depths inside to the peaks outside. In search of truth, it serves us to check it ALL out and resist getting stuck on any one way of thinking. And that is what Gemini is all about; curiosity, learning and stretching the mind beyond the confines of that which we know already.

Here we keep life interesting!

So, during this time let us explore it all. Let us question everything. Let us release attachment to any one way of being and embrace the variety that life has to offer!

Let us turn away from the mundane in favor of the exciting! Let us end monotony and embrace surprise! Let us release consistency in favor of change. Let us turn away from the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary.  Let us expect the unexpected!

Inside of change we discover freshness, newness, and the diversity of experience that leads us into the arms of that which refreshes the framework of our entire experience. We provide ourselves with the opportunity to discover new ways of thinking, being and believing.

There are times when it is appropriate to throw a monkey wrench into our tried and true routines, and this is one of those times! Permission granted. Throw that wrench into your outdated system and ready yourself to discover a new way forward.

As we change up our routines we position ourselves to perceive that which we have never perceived before. And when we recognize that our thoughts rest on perception we also recognize that by intentionally changing up that which we perceive, we change that which we think, feel, and potentially, even that which we believe!

Considering our beliefs shape our reality, this is an extraordinarily powerful opportunity to shift old outdated belief systems that no longer serve and up level our lives in a major way. All this by consciously positioning ourselves to change our perceptions! Powerful stuff.

So, what are you perceiving? Are you seeing the same people and places every day? Smelling the same scents, tasting the same foods? Hearing the same stories? Where is there room for change in all of that?

These are beautiful questions to explore, as the smallest shifts in perception can become the impetus for a new series of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions to emerge.  

Discover and harness your inner improv artist, speaker, writer, vocalist, teacher, storyteller or wordsmith. We all have access to these archetypes, so which will you choose to toy with during this time?

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, so this is a wonderful time to explore how you might more fully discover your most authentic voice.

Trust that the right words will come when they are needed. No need to overthink or over analyze the things you want to say or write…Instead, get really present to WHAT IS and allow the words to stream through you.

Trust that you will find your voice at the exact moment it’s needed.  You are powerful and the new ideas are already living inside you, aching to spark into the world like a match being swiped against the freshness you are calling into your life. This is a great opportunity to sit down in a new place, surrounded by new people, and write, speak, or record that which flows through you trusting that it is divinely inspired.

Your voice, your writing, your questions, and your thoughts are a gift to those around you, trust that. Whether it be in exchange with your friends, family or a larger collective audience, rest in the knowing that your voice and the ideas that are streaming through your consciousness are powerful and needed.

As you embrace change and call in experiences that evoke shock, wonder and awe, new ideas will emerge – the work is to aggregate all the new information you are receiving and share from a place of openness, presence, playfulness and cheerful confidence. Above all else during this time let yourself be heard. Your mind is precious and your unique voice is a sweet melody to the spirit of the collective consciousness.






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Written By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology