New Moon in Sagittarius, Nov 29th 2016

On November 29th, 2016 we collectively lean into the energy of the expansive New Moon in Sagittarius.

After moving through the recent Super Full Moon in Taurus which brought up questions around finances, foundations, and self worth, preceded by last months hyper intense, emotionally charged New Moon in Scorpio, we could certainly use an expanded “mountain top” perspective [and a belly laugh or two!!] And just when we could really use a pulse of light-hearted energy, Sagittarius comes around with the medicine!

But first let us recognize, that while challenging, the intensity of this past month has been necessary for our collective growth. The complicated relationship dynamics, heightened emotions, and financial concerns have served to indicate where our unresolved issues reside, and subsequently, where we still have important evolutionary work to do! And while these intense themes have been some of our greatest teachers, they may have, at times, pulled some of us into a contracted level of awareness – a level of awareness that is not particularly conducive to a miracle mindset…

Cue Sagittarius!  

Sagittarius the king of miracles – the king of generosity – the king of play – the king of renewed faith!

In order to recognize whether or not we have been contracted, we must EXPAND. We must expand to differentiate ourselves from the snares of the “triggered psyche.”

So, let us expand beyond our emotions. Expand beyond our thoughts. Expand beyond over identification with old patterns, doubts and outdated ways of being so that we may see and CREATE our lives with optimistic eyes.

Let us expand with our breath. Let us expand using joy, bliss and play as a vehicle. Let us expand with intentional movement and engagement in the outer world – where we get out of our own way and into the larger framework of humanity as a whole.

This is our collective opportunity to write a new story – during a time when we need a new story more then ever!

The collective human story forms from the aggregation of billions of individual stories – so, as we aim toward shifting the collective story, let us start with taking radical responsibility for our individual ones.

And a great way to recognize whether your story could use a shift is to find out whether it is based in old truths that you have outgrown. Are there areas of your life in which you feel tight or contracted? Like there is no room for growth?

Where does the “shoe size of your life” fit a size too small? Where have you been confined or limited in your ways of thinking or being? This lunar energy presents the opportunity to pop the seams that bind you into outdated relationships, jobs, living situations etc and expand into an entirely new framework for yourself!  

As we explore the nuts and bolts of "resizing our lives" let us take a look at the underlying belief systems that we hold, for our beliefs are the foundation from which we create. In fact, our perceptions, thoughts, emotions and life choices run through the filter of belief systems that have been crystalizing in our consciousness since birth. So, if you’d like to create a new way of being, cultivate a new way of believing! And Sagittarius invites us to take an empowered stance in this process!

A great way to begin breaking the "old mold" is by connecting with people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds – ask questions, seek answers, travel, try new foods, take a new class, learn a new language, explore a new philosophical system… Be willing to take mix it up and bet on yourself!

Above all else during this time get out of your comfort zone, stretch your mind and from that place see what emerges into your consciousness that might support the cultivation of a NEW TRUTH, a NEW BELIEF, and a new STORY. This is a time of paradigm shifting potential!  

With exposure to these new angles and viewpoints you have the opportunity to get really clear, by contrast, about that which no longer serves you and release it, creating space for new opportunities to emerge.

Re-define and SOUL-ALIGN your beliefs, morals and values as a reflection of your new expanded, larger-world view... and create from that place!

Imagine that you can float high above the world, zoomed all the way out, and with laser vision see it all - every way of being, believing, achieving, thinking and dreaming! The aim here is to find new inspiration and integrate that which resonates for you on the soul-level into the belief systems that ultimately shape your life (and the lives of those around you!)

So, find your mountain top perspective. Breath deep. Harness your inner Guru. And get ready to do your part in shifting the collective consciousness from a place of personal power and expansion.


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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