A Woman and Her Car

When the world is still and you need to move


How do you feel when you dance?

 It's always different. It's whatever has been coming up for me. The way music is able to dance through my fingertips to my toes, straight into my bloodstream to bring my heart beat to the maximum pulse. It feels good to experience it all without speaking... dropping my hair over the eyes. Straight into the present movement.

What does the world WILD mean to you?

  Mmm Wild has been a definition jumping through my brain but also a woman of grace as well. The balance of two are important to me. I am a wild woman when it comes to emotions... yes! Yet to be wild in emotion is to explore the evolution of my true nature and intent. With what comes up. I am wild in movement, graceful is the aftermath.

 When do you feel most free?

I feel most free jumping into the ocean, that swim and the thrill of holding my breath through the waves. I feel most free when skateboarding a wonderfully sloped hill, perfect for cruising for a solid ten minutes. I feel most free after writing a long piece when it's been a build up of too many thoughts and when shared, others are able to connect to it. I feel most free when connected with nature. And last but not least I feel most free in the rise of pure and open love, fully accepted, communicative and receptive.

Pick one person you would love to dance with, dead or alive.

It would be a dream to dance with my grandfather again. He knew all swifts and sorts of ballroom to waltz!
He would put on Frank Sinatra, grab my little hands and put my feet on his feet. He was about 7 foot and he truly appreciated good music along with solid dance timing.


Shot by Laurent Levy Follow @photobylaurent

Starring Mandy Jane Jenkins