Full Moon in Cancer January 12th 2017

 On January 12th we collectively bathe in the healing energy of the Full Moon in Cancer. 

The end of 2016 brought forward highly intense energetics compelling us to clear out the muck – old patterns, conditioning, and fear based thoughts that had been taking up unpermitted space in our psyche. 

We closed out the year with Mercury in retrograde (it just went direct on January 8th, phew!) and a Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square compelling many of us to unravel our conflicting ideas relating to interpersonal dynamics, identity and power structures. 

We may have fallen back into old patterns as a way to see more clearly where our “unresolved stuff” had been lying dormant, while facing questions of choosing self vs other and re-processing unproductive thought cycles in order to embrace a more clear minded road forward.

It’s been heavy work. 

Cue 2017! We now have the opportunity to step into full power. We’ve been logging lots of hours in the “cosmic gym” and the muscles of our psyche have become stronger. We are powerful. We are grounded. We are intentional. 

Yet, as we gear up for an epic 2017, it becomes increasingly important that we remain humble and continue our process of self assessment, release and renewal so that our old traps don’t tint our lenses and skew our vision of how to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and those around us. 

What perfect timing for a big spoon of healing medicine from the Full Moon in Cancer, the soothing sign of the great mother. 

With the sun in Capricorn, representing the Great Father archetype, opposing this Full Moon in Cancer, representing the Great Mother archetype (both being squared by Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries - a Grand Cardinal Cross) we have a powerful opportunity to employ these energies to essentially “re-parent ourselves” in a new and balanced way - the aim being to strike the most healthy middle ground between these powerful forces. 

Where the Great Father says “hard work pays off” the Great Mother says “relax honey, take a breath…have you eaten today?” 

Where the Great Father says “its your duty, take responsibility” the Mother says “forgive yourself.” 

Where Father says “Commit and do the hard thing” Mother says “be flexible, you can always try another way tomorrow.” 

Where Father says “there are consequences for all actions” Mother says “have compassion for yourself and everyone else.”

Where Father says “Go to your room” Mother says “Sit on my lap.” 

The question becomes how can we integrate the polarities? How can we aim for a healthy amount of personal responsibility tempered with a healthy amount of self-love and self care? 

We have done much work, and will continue to do so. We have built solid foundations and will continue to solidify them. We have anchored in our long-term plan, and we will continue to vision. So, during this moment in time, after so much work has been done, let us allow ourselves to seek that warm embrace, make that cup of tea, melt into a warm bath or a nurturing talk with Mom (or a dear trusted friend.) 

Let this motherly energy sooth our wounds, calm our fears and sweeten our relationship with the deep corners of our psyche. 

Let us turn inward and recognize that watering our inner world is the key to consciously creating the outer lives we so desire. 

While Cancer energy is deeply nurturing it can also be stormy. A highly emotional energy, if we have anything left unresolved from 2016 we may be faced with surges of uncomfortable emotion pointing us to those places that still need healing. 

Remember, emotions serve as harbingers of messages. They are the pathways to the places inside that need attention – and Cancer is so much about the inside - about the vulnerable parts of our deep selves that we dare only let the safe arms of “Mother” get close to.  

So, allow her to open the door to your heart, and show you the true nature of it.  If feelings arise, let them be and know the “father” Capricorn will ensure you are on solid ground. 

Let us have gratitude for any feelings that surface and see this as an opportunity to practice channeling our heightened emotional state in service of our growth, self-understanding and personal power while simultaneously flooding our emotional bodies with the energetic healing Medicine of Cancer. 

Ride your emotions through the labyrinth of your soul and be open to encountering the angels and the demons. Remember, this time affords you a special jar of medicine - medicine meant transmute any painful demons you may meet into love and light.  

As you bravely slay those inner demons you become your own knight in shining armor and empower yourself to ride off into the distance upon a road that has been cleared of  “weeds” [triggers, issues, traps, and doubts] in order to stand upon the most solid foundation as you move powerfully forward into the conscious creation of your most epic year yet. 

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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