New Moon in Aquarius,January 27th 2017


On January 27th, 2017 we collectively revel in the rule-breaking energy of the New Moon in Aquarius

Earlier this month we experienced a Cardinal Grand Cross triggered by the Full Moon in Cancer (on January 12th) along with Mercury in its post retrograde shadow period (which lasts until the New Moon on January 27th). These energies have been inviting us to take a long look at outdated thought patterns while also aiming to reconcile tensions between “self vs. other” and “home life/inner world vs. outer life/mission.”

The hope is that we have been able to recognize that speaking our truth and making self honoring choices actually draw more authentic connection with others into our experience, and that committing to deeper levels of self love and self nurture is the foundation upon which we can build and sustain our big missions in the outer world.

We have learned that we must care first for ourselves if we are to support others. We must first honor ourselves if we are to have meaningful relationships that do not deplete us. Even if these lessons have come in the form of challenge, we can rest assured that this integration process is in service of our highest good and that of humanity as a whole. This work has been the training ground readying us to step forward into our next chapter; a chapter of revolution. A chapter of rebellion.

Enter the New Moon in Aquarius; an invitation to shake off any heaviness and zoom out into a more objective point of view. Here we have the opportunity to create some distance from the issues we have been wrangling through much of January so that we can breathe, think clearly, and revision. We have the opportunity to see things from an entirely new perspective.

The Aquarian New Moon is exact on the same day Mercury comes out of its post retrograde shadow period (Jan 27th) further pronouncing this experience of clear minded freedom. Our mental review is complete. Our minds are open to receiving. Our ideas begin to crystalize. Our voices are powerful. Our messages are ready to be heard.

What kinds of messages are they? Revolutionary, Aquarian messages. Messages with the power to shatter the dominant paradigms of our culture. The kinds of messages rebellions are made of – this is the time to BE A VOICE, NOT AN ECHO.

So what is YOUR truth? Not the truth that has been prescribed for you, but the truth that flows through the core of your being. We must shed away all layers of social, cultural and familial conditioning in order to get to the heart of the matter here and it’s no coincidence that the sun left conservative Capricorn and moved into paradigm busting Aquarius on Friday January 20th just as the Million Women March unfolded on the 21st.  Our tolerance for perceived injustice has run dry.

The Aquarian energy is here to give us a boost of courage as we face some of the most heated and controversial issues of our time from the election, to standing rock, to women’s rights...The list is endless. Paradigms are shifting, previously “mainstream” belief systems are crumbling and we as an evolving collective are ready to take a stand and be heard.

“When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”

Let us recognize that that which we perceive as injustice in the world can actually serve as the greatest catalyst for collective evolution and change if we are willing to stand and be brave in the face of those who would oppose us. We aim to be bold. We aim to act. We aim to align with the most authentic truths as we see them.

This doesn’t mean that your truth is THE truth, but it is a call for you to honor yourself with bold action. This is a call for you to honor your own truth even when it doesn’t align with that of your family or that of the culture or that of your friends. To courageously speak and resist the urge to betray yourself in service of any desire to fit in.

This is not the time to shrink. This is not the time to blend or bend. This is not the time to conform. This is the time to step outside the lines that have been drawn for you and vision new ones. We are ready to envision a new future, to stand for a new way of being in the world. To redefine what it means to be a part of the human family.

“Know the rules well so you can break them effectively.” – Dalai Lama XIV

So, remain open and trust the lightning bolts of insight that enter your consciousness during this time. Allow your inner genius to emerge. Think outside the box. Break the rules. Question the norm and boldly honor yourself in the face of those who expect you to fit into existing structures that you have so clearly outgrown.

This is the time for the extraordinary among us to emerge in a push to shift the current of the collective in a new direction that aligns more fully with the creation of a better tomorrow.


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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