New Moon in Libra October 19, 2017


The Moon is New in the peace loving sign of Libra opposing Uranus the Lord of earthquakes and lightning bolts.

The Libran energy invites us to identify how we might cultivate more balance, harmony and joy within ourselves and within our relationships as well.

The Uranian energy (opposing this New Moon) compels us to break away from anything – person, place, expectation, experience, or rulebook - that may be holding us back, confining us or tamping our ability to shine our most unique light in its fullest expression.

Libran energy agrees.

Uranian energy rebels.

Libran energy pleases.

Uranian energy says fuck you.

Libran energy asks us to share.

Uranian energy asks us to claim what’s rightfully ours.

Libran energy compromises.

Uranus believes the word compromise should be ejected from the dictionary.

Needless to say, these two energies may not get along very well if left alone at a dinner table. And, for that reason we may be experiencing a certain amount of internal tension during this particular transit.

Tension between the part of ourselves that wants relationship, partnership, and love…the part that has the urge to merge and to experience bliss through divine union…the part that finds beauty, meaning and depth in shared experience with others and doesn’t want to risk losing that no matter what, even if it means compromising the self just a little bit (Libra)…

And the part of ourselves that finds safety and power in self sufficiency…the part of ourselves that doesn’t want to “play house…” the part of ourselves that questions cultural norms and expectation…the part of ourselves that wants to reject social “niceties”…the part of ourselves that wants to run free on the open road screaming “don’t tell me what to do!” to anyone who will listen (Uranus)

This New Moon is about finding the synthesis between the two extremes within.

The high ground here is to discover the way to express yourself fully with complete rawness and authenticity, while still honoring the sacred nature of relationship with those you love and holding yourself with grace and tact.

This is about noticing where in your life you may have become too self compromising for the sake of pleasing others and harness the Uranian energy in service of reclaiming those parts of yourself so that the way you show up in relationship moving forward is a truer reflection of your spirit.

This is about identifying what right relationship looks like for you. With whom (Libra) do you feel expanded, at ease and able to stand fully in your most authentic self (Uranus)? Aim to cultivate nurture and embrace those relationships during this time.   

This New Moon is an evolutionary invitation to step powerfully forward toward your highest and most fully integrated self. Including the part of self that has been aching for expression not just in the dark corners of your psyche, but outwardly too, WITHIN the container of relationship. Including the self that has remained hidden for fear of rejection. Including the self that is ready to shine out, scream out and not only express (Uranus) but to be loved and received fully for that zany, one of a kind  expression (Libra)

So, So, get to know the raw and unedited version of you. Cultivate that relationship within and then courageously express it. Bring that part of you forward, the real you forward, and share it within your sphere of relationship where you will experience the deep catharsis and healing that occurs in the radical acceptance of the radical you!


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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