Republican or Democrat...


Republican or democrat

What does that really mean?

We're talking about human lives,

Theres no such thing as a team.

We're all subject to life,

And eventually death.

We're all here to survive,

Until our last breath.

So why must we fight?

Why can't we prevail?

We are stronger together,

Separated we fail.

Whether you bleed, red or blue,

Makes no difference to me,

Everyone is so focused on "I's"

Yet somehow they don't see,

That underneath all the different,

What we want is the same.

Sure we may call it by

A much different name...

But we want to feel safe,

We want to stand strong,

We want to protect the place,

We feel we belong.

We want to feel good,

Along with those we love,

We want to be sure

We always have enough.

And together we can,

Together we evolve,

Together there's no problem

That we cannot solve.

It seems so far gone,

I'm not sure what to do,

For a country that needs,

The red white AND blue.

Especially when green starts to control,

The messages people are fed can take a toll

On how they feel

And what they believe.

The news these days

Is meant to deceive.

It is meant to keep us afraid,

And make us feel small,

Rather than empower us,

And align us all.

So this isn't a message about

Your party verse mine,

Its just a plea to redefine

The way we think about each other,

In the midst of it all.

how much more disaster will it take for a wake up call?



Written By: Laura Lombardi

Follow her here @happygolaura