5 ways to balance dry skin

In these cold winters months I find myself coming up against dry sometimes itchy skin. Its a pain in the butt frankly because its uncomfortable and truthfully not the look. Most of us tend to slather on some lotion and hope for the best yet I wanted real results that would leave my skin feeling healthy, nourished and radiant. Here is what I found.


1. Avoid taking super hot showers

 I know, I know this sounds like a terrible idea in winter time. However when we use super hot water on already dry skin its counter product as it makes us even more dry. Shame, because it feels so good! A better plan is to take a shower with warm to hot water which is soothing and actually opens our skin which will make it perfect for absorbing moisture afterwards. Also limit showers to 5-10 mins.

2. Wash with a gentle fragrance free cleanser

 A lot of soaps out there now can be the real cause of dry skin. They have tons of chemicals, drying agents and even alcohol that strip and dry your skin. Great alternatives are Dr. Bronners, Mrs. Meyers, shea butter soap and any other soap that has a low ingredient count and uses natural products. 

3. Dry brushing

 This has been proven to have so many amazing benefits, better circulation, cellulite blasting, great for your lymphatic system AND it gets rid of dead skin. Slough off all that nasty stuff and then replenish, replenish, replenish.

4. Moisturize

Use something hyper moisturizing on your skin directly after you shower and at any other time you are feeling or seeing the dryness. Best options I've found are, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Shea butter and Tamanu Oil. Sometimes I will actually layer an oil and shea butter together for a double hit of delicious lubrication. 

5. Drink more water

Yes, elements can absolutely cause our skin to be on the dryer side however our skin is usually a direct reflection of whats happening inside of our body. So simply put, drink more water. Hydrate yourself sufficiently and with good water. Your body will thank you!