Why dry brushing is a game changer

No matter who you are we all have one very similar desire in common. To feel amazing in our skin, in our bodies. Most of us are willing to try some crazy stuff in order to achieve this feeling of yumminess in our physical body. One of the easiest, least expensive and enjoyable things we can do for our skin is Dry Brushing.

Some of us may already know about this magical ritual however our tendency is to want a quick fix instead of something we do daily. Below are the benefits of dry brushing as well as the benefits of being consistent in our self care.


1. It stimulates your Lymphatic system

This is the system in your body that eliminates cellular waste. All that crap thats circulating in there and has no way out, this is one of the easiest ways to stimulate and allow it to release. When this system is not working properly it can cause a back up of toxins and waste which can make us sick and cause break outs. Brush that skin baby!

2. Increases circulation within your entire system

 When you skin is working well your internal system has a way of following. Dry brushing allows the skin to circulate at its natural pace and eliminate toxins with it. Think about sweat, thats your bodies way of releasing, when your skin is clogged it cant come out.

3. It helps reduce cellulite

Those pesky bumps and blips have a way of stubbornly sticking around and we are not too happy about it. Dry brushing helps soften hard fat deposits and increase circulation causing a smoothing effect to our luscious skin.

4. It relieves stress

 Releasing tension in our bodies is the easiest and fastest way to relieve stress. Stress is caused by tension and tension is caused by contraction in our bodies. When we are in a holding pattern in our physical body the energy within us our CHI is stagnant which then causes build up and then DIS ease. Dry brushing invigorates and stimulates the cells allowing them to release and the energy to move freely. You will find that when you take the time to dry brush your entire body, your cells and skin will literally feel alive. Sloughing off all the dead things that no loner serve and inviting the new in.


What: You can buy a dry brush at your local pharmacy or simply order it online. The best ones have a handle for easy use and nice natural coarse bristles. This is my favorite one. Dry brushing is done on dry skin generally just before showering and followed by a delicious self oil massage. Make sure to wash your brush after use.

How to: Dry brushing is usually done in a circular motion starting from your feet and working your way toward the core. We invite you to find what feels best for your body and discover the natural rhythm of your vessel. 

I was introduced to dry brushing some years ago and started to incorporate it into my self care routine. I found increased energy and my glowing skin were enough to keep me coming back again and again. This is also great when  you are cleansing your system to speed up the process of releasing toxins. We invite you to add this to your self care routine for the next 10 days and see the benefits. Leave us comments to let us know what you think!