One Day the Goddess Sang to Her Lover

When I first had the pleasure of reading The Radiance Sutras I was blown away by how powerful and graceful they are. It left my mind musing and my body buzzing. As if i was reading or taking in something that my whole being knew for many many lifetimes. I have been making a practice of reading one every single day before my morning meditation to set the tone of my practice. These versus can be read over and over again, each time bringing new meaning and expansion. 

Lorin Roche has taken the original Sanskrit words and translated them into perfectly poetic messages from and to the soul. 

We will post one each week. Taking you through a journey of love and expansion, Enjoy.


Part 1

Banter Versus

The Bhairava Tantra is framed as a conversation between lovers, Devi and Bhairava. Devi is the Creative Energy permeating the universe. Her nature is power, strength, and might. Bhairava is the infinite consciousness that embraces her. In the initial verses, Devi is speaking from within her awe at existence. She assumes the body of a seeker of truth and dares Bhairava to reveal to her the secrets of yoga. Rising to the occasion, Bhairava accepts her questions as beautiful and invites her to accompany him on the path of intimacy with all life. In verses 1–23, they converse back and forth in this way


Taken from The Radiance Sutras, 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder & Delight. Lorin Roche, PHD