Awakening The Sisterhood

I believe we have all experienced a time in our lives where we felt judged, shunned or lonely. The comparison that births in our teenage years is palpable. It can create a very complicated experience within us. Not feeling like we have someone to relate to or connect with. When we enter into our woman hood and don't have deep friendships to support us it can be strange and isolating. We are here to awaken a new paradigm of sisterhood, of friendship. where we feel loved, seen, held, supported and celebrated. Being united with women in this way is a blissful unexplainable feeling. There is a reason why back in the day women came together while on their cycles. To create safe space to be vulnerable and exposed. To nurture each other through hard times and then to rise again and again.

In this story we ignite and unite with one an other. To finally take off our masks and see each other fully, see ourselves fully. Be bare naked and exposed and loved through that process. We each have a divine magic within us, when we shine the light on one another the light within us burns brighter. We are here to remind each other of our gifts, to encourage each others growth and to expand deeper into the experience of love. Being in relationship is truly how we get to experience ourselves fully. We all desire to be loved and to love. Remember to love your sisters the way you want to be loved. 

Alexcia Anahata

Moun D'Simone

Rachel Pringle

Shot by: Yael Marantz