New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Feb 26th 2017

On Sunday February 26th, 2017 we collectively dissolve into the ethereal energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.


Earlier this month we moved through a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo during which we were called to courageously and vulnerably express the truth of our most authentic hearts out into the world.


Leo is ruled by the sun, which represents our sense of self, our identity, our “I” in the world, teaching us to engage with the ego in a loving and healthy way while recognizing how important it is to first know ourselves in order to express creatively in any truly meaningful way.


With the Leo eclipse we were invited to enter into creative trance and unabashed playful expression in order to become re-enamored with life while aiming toward the healthy use of ego in support of our individual “me” enriching the collective “we.”


As we transition into the energy of the Piscean Solar Eclipse on Feb 26th, we are asked to shift from the ego identified “me” to the egoless “we.” We are asked to transcend the boundaries our ego’s impose and access a heightened state of unity consciousness.


Let us lean boldly into this sometimes-uncomfortable pivot point - shifting perceived needs of self over other - and instead, let us see the Self AS the other and the other as the Self.


Let us exist in radical acceptance and gratitude for all things - because we CAN see our Self in all things! This is the time to open up our divine senses and seek to discover the place of equanimity, of freedom, of oneness.


Piscean energy calls forward heightened states of emotional, psychic and energetic sensitivity, so be mindful that you may experience hypersensitive awareness. Your psychic antennae are on over drive!


The acute extra sensitivity serves a powerful purpose when we recognize that there is a unique ripeness to receive divine messages, inspiration, and creative downloads that finally have a gateway into our consciousness; that is if we are willing to remain open through the sensitivity (and all the waves of emotion that can comes with it…)


We must be willing to feel it all in in order to receive it all, so I urge you to practice witness consciousness and remain open vs enabling the self protective tendency to contract around the energetic intensity.


The shadow here is a need to escape or numb. Recognize that if you experience moodiness or powerful waves of emotion, it is possible that it is not all originating in your direct experience. You may be absorbing the energy around you, so it is very important to take care of your “spiritual hygiene” during this time. Meditate, intentionally clear your energy field, move your body, GROUND and breath deeply. Surrender is key!


This New Moon is conjunct the planet Neptune, the mystical ruler of Pisces, further amplifying these otherworldly energetics and also the South Node of the moon bringing in a karmic flavor to this unfolding.


Needless to say, this Solar Eclipse is roaring with power – powerful high vibrational potential and also a powerful shadow potential. With the South Node involved, there is a massive opening for a Karmic clearing in the collective consciousness and since we are all individual expressions of the same collective, infinitely plugged into one source, it is likely that many of us will face some of our own shadows – karmic predicaments surfacing for healing.


So, are you ready to move through your own clearing process in service of healing not only yourself but also the whole? The time is now – each of us tasked with doing our part while also remembering that as we are eternally interconnected, eternally one, and that we are never alone in the process.


So much about this energy is less about the doing and more about the allowing. The being. The witnessing. The surrender. The Release.


Are we strong enough to love what is? To accept what is? To see ourselves in all that is?


No matter what surfaces for release, remember you are a spiritual being using your human experience for evolution – so choose detachment, remain rooted in your loving, and engage with the intention to mindfully enter a meditative state of surrender and acceptance as the eternal witness who trusts in the divine timing of all that is.


As Papaji beautifully stated, and a perfect mantra during this time, “Whatever comes let it come. What stays, let it stay. What goes let it go.” 


Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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