20 Books that Changed my Life

Reading has always been a delightful way to enter a new word and get completely lost in new concepts and ideas. When I was younger it was all about Harry Potter, Jane Green, with the Prophet and Siddartha sprinkled in for good measure, thanks to my parents. Getting totally engrossed in a book, the hours disappearing before my eyes continues to be one of life's greatest pleasures.  At the age of 18 I got my first real hit of Spiritual development by reading Ask and it is Given, By Esther and Jerry Hicks. BOOM, life has literally never been the same. My being was finally ready to receive these new pathways and I have been voracious for this sort of knowledge ever since. Below is a list of books that have massively shifted my world, my thoughts, my surroundings and my life. In my recent years I have also discovered Audible which has also changed the way i receive knowledge, Being able to listen to books is a very enjoyable way to beat traffic, do housework and or simply chill on the couch. If you haven't tried it yet please do. Enjoy!


1. Love, Freedom and Aloneness. By OSHO.

I put this first because it is so profound. It changed my perception of myself and how I give and receive love at a very crucial time of my existence. It gave me permission to be the fullest expression of myself. All my unique ways were ok and celebrated. I cried reading the last pages sitting at the bar of Cafe Gratitude, drinking a green juice in LA. I know its a cliche, yet it truly opened me to a whole new way of being. I met my partner 1 month later.


2. Loving What Is. By Bryon Katie

This book is revolutionary. "The work" that Byron Katie gives you is a tool that you can use in any circumstance, at any age, for the rest of your life. You answer a few short questions and watch this issue you've had unravel before you eyes. Its a great way for you to be able to take responsibility for your part in anything. Its simple, attainable and pretty mind blowing. Her journey alone is worth the read or the listen. In the audio book you listen to her do the work with actual people, its magnificent.  You will cry, you will laugh, you will be altered.


3. The Alchemist. By Paulo Coelho 

The Alchemist is the original Hero's journey. It allows you to experience real trust, loyalty and perseverance. What happens when a boy really commits to his deepest heart and follows the signs that god lays out for him. Its delightful and one of the classics.


4. The Four Agreements. By Don Miguel Ruiz

I read this book at a tender age when I really needed to understand these agreements. This book gave me permission to release old stagnant ways of being that I was conditioned by society and my family to believe were my own and allowed me to finally start making my own choices in life. Its freeing, truthful and a simple easy read that can help you leave the story behind, take a hold of your life and make your dreams a reality. 


5. Mastery of Love. By Don Miguel Ruiz

I adore Don Miguel Ruiz. I love his style of writing, wise, potent and attainable. This book is all about love, all aspects of it and how we are meant to be and operate from a state of love at all times. It teaches you how to love yourself fully and then be able to love others fully. The wisdom is like a wave that washes over you, leaving you feeling warm and rejuvenated.


6. Proof of Heaven. By Eben Alexander

This book was my first entry into the world of NDE, Near Death Experiences.  What happens to you when you are passing through your physical body in to something beyond you. I love that it comes from the perspective of a Doctor who isn't necessarily conscious of this "stuff" before hand. He takes you on a beautiful journey through forgiveness and self realization.


7. The Power Vulnerability. By Brené Brown

Amazingness! I have to get that silly because Brenė Brown is so damn adorable, sweet, deep, intelligent and incredibly wise. She makes you laugh, cry and muse on all these moments in your life that have shaped you without even realizing it. Her many years of research into shame, blame and guilt profoundly shifted my life. I was able to understand and forgive parts of myself that were holding me back from my true potential.

Two other books of hers that I devoured and loved are Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.


8. Think and Grow Rich. By Napoloen Hill

This is an old and simply timeless book. Written in 1937 it is the basis of most self help books to this day. The intelligence in these pages is potent, penetrating parts of you and truly calling you to take a stand and create now. He tells many stories of people coming from nothing and actualizing incredible abundance. Its inspiring, motivating and you'll be dying to design your own master mind group and take over the world.


9. Infinite Possibilities. By Mike Dooley

From the creator of Notes from the Universe; Mike Dooley is exuberant in his message and delivery. Transmitting his experience and knowledge effortlessly and with so much excitement for being. He takes you on a journey of reminding us of who we truly are by explaining how it is that we came to being. We are all great adventurers on this journey of discovering life while "pretending" we are separate. His stories are ripe with possibility and leave you feel light and expansive. 

The perfect supplement to this book is Mike Dooley's Manifesting Change


10. The Talent Code, Unlocking the Secret of Skill. By Daniel Coyle

Recommended to me by Tony Robbins while at this UPW workshop. This book is an insanely detailed guide into people and their talents. How we acquire talent, are we born with it or is it taught. It takes you all over the world to places that are breeding geniuses and superstars and gives you an in depth look into what it is that they are actually doing. Its fascinating and encouraging. 


11. You're It!. By Alan Watts

Alan Watts like Napoloean Hill is one of the OG philosophers on all things cosmic and connected. This book on audible is a combination of a dozen talks he did back in the day. He takes you on a hilarious journey of how simple this cosmic life is and how complicated us humans make it. 


12. Hidden Language Codes. By R Neville Johnston

The intro of this book is about another NDE that changes the writers life and allows him to understand his purpose. The rest of the book is about words, their meanings and a deeper understanding of how our words shape our life. It was an eye opening experience to fully recognize how my words are creating my reality. 


13. A Return to Love. Marianne Williamson 

This book came to me at the perfect time, gifted to me by a dear friend. For me to realize and then fully release things, experiences and scenarios in my life that were holding me back. There is a lot of religious talk in this book that i encourage you to get past and see the real message behind it all. All these stories from our world have a very similar message. To love and be loved.


14. Women who run with wolves. By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

As you can tell by the name of our site this book was clearly an huge inspiration to me. Reading it was like reading the pages of my soul. There is such deep wisdom and knowing coming from these words that you will feel seen and heard by a woman you have never even met. She has the ability to tell stories that unlock doors within you that you didn't even know were there. Its a heart based, instinctual calling to step into your true essence right now. It is not to be missed.


15.The Way of the Superior Man. By David Deida

This book was a game changer for me. Even though it was traditionally written for men it gave me such real insight into the feminine essence and taught me more about myself and my make than I could grasp before. They way that he breaks down masculine and feminine interactions profoundly helped me in my relationships with all people.

His book The Blue Truth was also my gateway into truly allowing myself to fully feel all of my emotions. A great addition to The Way of the Superior Man.


16. Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear. By Elizabeth Gilbert

From the writer of Eat Pray Love. This book is profound. She has a beautiful, light and hilarious way of showing us the journey of what it means to be a creator. She gave me permission to truly see my ideas and turn them into reality. She presents so many tools for writers and artist of all sorts to harness their magic and actualize it into real from. A biography and tutorial, you are left feeling excited, inspired and ready to take on a life as an artist. Because no matter what we do we are all artists in some way. 


17. The Untethered Soul. By Michael A. Singer

A new york times best selling book that gives you a very special look into our mind and the thoughts that make it. The way he describes our inner dialogue will help you differentiate between who you actually are and the hundreds of thoughts that you believe are you.

His biography The Surrender Experiment is mind blowing and impressive as he takes us on the  journey of surrendering completely to the universal flow of life. To see where be began and where he ends up is comforting and moved me to tears many times.


18. The Book of Mastery. By Paul Selig

A completely channeled text that sends you on a journey to the seat of you soul. Its dense, massive and powerfully expansive. Paul Seligs dictates his experience with Masters that are channeled through him. We are left with a book that feels so familiar and transcendent. It takes time to get through this robust text and receive all the divine knowledge. Give it time and give yourself space to be transformed. 


19. Many Lives, Many Masters. By Brain L Weiss

Phenomenal book. Mind blowing and divinely potent. This book is a look between a patient and psycho therapist and what they discover when the traditional route ends and the alternative route begins. Its a heart opening look into past lives and how our present life is shaped from our past. Its scary, astonishing and paralyzingly captivating. 

Miracles Happen his latest book is a series of stories of patients and their past lives. The stories awaken a deep remembrance in our physical body that we have been here many many times before. 


20. Awaken The Shakti, By Sally Kempton

This books is meant to be read like a bible. Keep it by your bedside or you altar and read a few pages at a time, really taking the words and absorbing it into your being. She goes through every different goddess, the stories and their mantras. It continues to be my go to book to keep musing on the depths of my feminine being. To understand that I am all these archetypes and to harness the power of the goddess and bring that power into my day to day life.