Spirit Hear Me and Be with Me Now.

We are entering a new age where the understanding that our WORDS are SPELLS is a real thing. What do we mean by that? Our thoughts, create our habits, our habits create our actions and our words create our circumstances. There have been a number of studies done to clarify on this subject. Your words have weight, they mean something, in fact they mean everything. Before you get too carried away know that positive words hold a much more powerful charge than negative words, you can redeem yourself.  It is our responsibility to be aware of the energy, tonality, and frequency of our words. When we say or think of the word HATE it resonates within us as a frequency that physically does not feel good. The word LOVE on the other hand has a frequency that is smooth, opening and gives a sense of release and receiving. 

We invite and encourage you to take the time to be more aware of your words. As Alan Watts says "its a link in a chain", they are  creating your whole experience. 

Weekly we will give you a taste of Sacred Spells by Sarah, designed to enhance your life and circumstances while also allowing poetry and rhythm to enter your words.

Have fun and get witchy!



This weeks Sacred Spell is used as protection for your loved ones.

This spell calls in your guides; in this case the protective energy of the Archangel Michael, the fierceness of Kali, the destroyer, and the powerful love of Mother Mary. Using your intent to harness these energies to protect your loved ones, ground into your most rooted and loving state, and repeat the words below. Say with one hand on your heart and one extended to those you would protect, be they in front of you or held in your minds eye. Repeat thrice and know that they are safe.



"Michael, Kali, Mary be with me here

I don't subscribe to hate or fear

 My protection extends to the ones I love

and those before me are a step above

Shield them with a fiery love and light

 Their guardian angels descend in flight

 Spirit hear me and be with me now

 This spell I cast, this hex I cast down. " 


Sarah Beck is a word smith, clairvoyant and modern day witch. She uses her words to alchemise and create reality. Follow her at @writingwithlight