Full Moon in Virgo, March 12th 2017

On March 12th we will collectively lean into a detailed process of real world integration with the energy of the Full Moon in Virgo. 

This Virgo moon enters the scene on the tail of a powerful period of spiritual opening and expansion catalyzed by the recent Piscean Solar Eclipse. We’ve been navigating extremely intense energetic waters with our sensitivities on over drive!

We’ve also been moving through an important process of surrender in order to make space for new beginnings. These new beginnings have been knocking on the door but may not have had room to enter due to "clutter.” Cluttered thoughts, cluttered spaces, cluttered relationships, cluttered emotional and energetic bodies…the remedy? We release that which no longer serves (Pisces) and reorganize the framework of our lives to support that which does (Virgo.) 

This may not be a comfortable process, but we can rest assured it's a necessary one. As we learn to trust in divine timing and engage the willingness to get over our [ego] selves in order to enter a transcendent state of surrender, we actively create the space for spiritual growth and powerful breakthroughs in consciousness to occur. 

With the Piscean energy (from the solar eclipse and the sun still rolling through Pisces until March 20th) our energetic bodies have had the opportunity to expand in a major way. This also means that our physical "real world" lives must adjust, expand and up level in order to match this rapid soul level development. Can you say cosmic growing pains? 

In many ways we are attempting to unify our heavenly expansion with our earth bound forms. Without this unification, our spiritual growth remains unseen, unreflected, unfathomable, and unintegrated as it relates to our human experience on this earth plane. 

So, where does your manifest reality seem to fit a size too small? This is the perfect time to take inventory and get clear about where improvements [that are reflective of your most updated state of consciousness] need be made.

Where have you essentially outgrown yourself?

Has your spirit expanded in such a way that your outer reality doesn't quite reflect the spaciousness of your inner one? 

In answering these questions honestly we position ourselves to make adjustments. It is time to "clean house" literally and figuratively! We aim to take a meticulous look at the state of our real world affairs - work, relationship, and otherwise - and begin the process of cleansing.

Personally, I have been in a massive process of purging old items in my home that are no longer a vibrational match. The "clearer" my physical space becomes, the more aligned my inner space feels. Before I began this process it felt as if my spirit was bumping up against the edges of a physical reality I created long ago – and that had to change. As we move through each "conscious growth spurt" the edges become more and more uncomfortable, until they are intolerable and change must occur. So, where are your edges? Where is your inner expansion yet unexpressed in your outer world?

Once we identify the areas of our lives we have expanded beyond, or that feel contracted or cluttered, we have the beautiful opportunity to rearrange. And this Virgo Full moon is the perfect energy to employ for the job!

So, during this time let us honor our edges, thank them for the information and then say goodbye. Goodbye edges. Goodbye clutter. Goodbye all things no longer a match; and from there we welcome our new space to create!

De-clutter your outer space in order to de-clutter your inner one. 

Further, with the Virgo lunar energy as it relates to its opposition with the Sun (still in mystical Pisces) we are invited to take the inspiration we receive through our “psychic antennae” from a divine place, and then fully integrate it into the structure of our daily lives. 

This is an invitation to come down from the proverbial mountaintop and focus on real world application. So, if you've received powerful clarity during the recent lunar cycle, it is now time to apply that information and adjust the structure of your life so that it reflects your new expanded perspective.

We are asked to take a clear eyed look at the details. To analyze our routines, our work strategy, our health, our relationships, our overall plan and recommit to a personalized life process that feels integrated, supportive, realistic, and effective.

As we consciously work to shift our life structure to fit our recent expansion, we will notice all areas of experience improving.

While we certainly aim toward self improvement during this time, it is an important thing to note that there is a shadow potential with Virgo energy as well. The shadow here is that we may fall into analysis paralysis, judgmental behavior or hyper perfectionism. Watch that you don’t get too caught up on the details or become overly critical of yourself and others.

A great thing to remember is that “no amount of self improvement can make up for any lack of self acceptance.” So, while we aim to improve, let us remember to consistently check in and be sure we are acting from a place of radical self-love and acceptance first and foremost; honoring the divine beings that we are while ensuring that the growth process we are in is taking place from a place of self nurture rather then self abandonment.

The Virgo moon also carries with it a beautiful element of humility and the opportunity to be of service in the world. Seek opportunities to share yourself in a way that is supportive of others. Call in clarity about how you can serve the best and highest of all in your life. When we transcend our egos and stop making everything about “us” and instead choose to meet needs that exist out in the world with our very unique skill set, we experience deeper levels of connection, love and fulfillment.

This is why most religious traditions include some sacrament of service - there's no better way to get over your "ego" self then to engage with needs out there in the world and make those issues more important then your own. From that place we remember that we are all links in the same collective chain - only as strong as the weakest. So, what can you do to strengthen the chain?

The Virgo Full moon invites us not only to strengthen and fortify our own link in the chain through practical application of new life structures and routines, but it also invites us to take into account the opportunity to support others in their process. Accountability buddies anyone? 

So, take a breath, strategize, lay out your plan and prepare to launch off the firm foundation of a physical reality that is fully aligned with your most epic soul level vision.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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