The Dinner Table

My soul comes alive and my heart pumps with joy and contentment to fill a space with scents and warmth. To bring people together to eat, talk, connect, unplug, play. Together.


With no agenda, besides presence and communion.


This union that forms is alchemy. It makes the ordinary magical.


It makes a house a home.


In the flow of divine feminine, a blessing for our nourishment, giving thanks to the lands, the hands,  co-creating an evening with each ingredient, music, lighting, food, people, animals, fire.




Just a single candle adds the element of heat, the element of divinity, destruction. The element worshipped first and most reverently by early man.


Learning together. Learning to be. Real. Close. Together.


What a gift to remember the most foundational. We don’t need much.


But we do need each other. 


Do we have time? When we slow down, we realize that time exists inside of us. It’s in the slowing down that the magic reveals herself. 


We think we have to hurry up or we’ll miss it, but it’s just… Pause.


Slow down. Or. Miss it. By forgetting. To breathe. To see. To love. Eachother.


We are instruments of God, who can be played in tune, only in surrender. What a symphony it is when we allow love.


We stay higher, with this perspective. And when we forget, we just sit down at the dinner table. 




Alexcia Anahata is a medicine worker, space holder and conscious community builder.

Follow her at @Alexcia_anahata