New Moon in Aries, March 27th, 2017

New Moon in Aries: Fierce Reclaiming of the Self 

On March 27th, 2017 we courageously lean into the fiery energy of the New Moon in Aries.

This Aries New Moon follows the recent earth bound Full Moon in Virgo which invited us to ground our spiritual vision while taking realistic inventory of our “state of affairs” in order to refine and improve our lives; all with the aim of up leveling our physical reality to match our recent expansion in consciousness.

As we navigated Pisces season (paired with the Virgo Full Moon) through most of March, we aimed for a grounded approach to metaphysical matters. Synthesizing practicality and spirituality. Integrating that which is divine into that which is solid, structured and practical in our daily lives. Needless to say, this has taken a lot of work and attention, and there hasn’t been a lot of room for the sacred “I” within the container of Pisces/Virgo… well, times they are a changin’

And if this influx of Aries energy has anything to say about it [and Aries is not one to hold anything back] it’s high time we shake things up and reconnect with the heart of our individual “me” in more ways then one!

With the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury AND Uranus all cruising through this Warrior sign, this is no light pulse of Aries energy; it is roaring hot, passionate and powerful right now. Time to leap even if we haven’t yet had time to look…

Through the Sun, Aries compels us to reconnect intentionally and courageously to our identity.

Who are you in this world?

How will you show up as the most pure and authentic version of yourself?

What does it look like when you are completely independent and autonomous of everyone else and where could you assert yourself more powerfully in order to claim that which you desire from the level of your deepest sense of self?

Will this take courage? Absolutely. Is it time to stake your claim and go for it? Yes.

Through the Moon, Aries requests that we turn inward and open fully and completely to our feelings without repressing anything. Leaving nothing left unfelt. Feel the anger, the sadness, the grief, the unprocessed heartaches, the joy, the ecstasy, the unabashed happiness and let these energies roll through you freely and uninhibited. Have the courage to repress nothing.

Here we recognize that we are brave, we are valiant, and we can withstand any emotion, any feeling. We take the warrior stance within ourselves – within our deep inner worlds, and see that we can be with ourselves fully, openly, no matter how strong our emotions are…

As we move through this process of facing ourselves, of being with ourselves, our fear of feeling will subside. Our fear of saying or doing anything that may create upset inside ourselves, heals and dissolves. We find emotional freedom. We re-emerge with a renewed sense of safety inside ourselves.

We recognize that it is safe to live in this world where triggers abound, that we need not dance on eggshells to avoid our emotional triggers, instead we recognize that we are the masters of our inner domains. Our own inner warriors fortify, strengthened, giving us permission to express fully. We harness the willingness to share our feelings with full authenticity and transparency because we have learned that we can withstand anything that emerges inside ourselves. Our inner warrior takes a strong stand as the guardian of our hearts. We are secure. We are safe. This is the emotional gift of Aries if we dare claim this New Moon Lunar opportunity.

Through Venus (also retrograde right now) Aries invites us to clarify our needs in relationship. When you peel away all layers of relational conditioning, what is it that YOU actually desire in terms of partnership? This is about clarifying your needs, your values, and your desires and the willingness not to settle for anything less.

As Venus continues its retrograde cycle we dig deep within and re-define how we value ourselves. 

What is beautiful about you on the deepest levels?

How are you viewing yourself, your worth? Your willingness to receive?

Where have you settled for too little in the past? 

How can you shift your “need” for love and validation from sources outside yourself and call that same love and validation forward from the deepest places inside yourself?

We are invited to emerge from this retrograde cycle with deeper levels of clarity around our intimate needs, what we value, and how we honor our desires in relationship as a function of our own self love and self worth. We are invited to rediscover the unconditional, universal love that we are, and always have been, inside. Commit to loving yourself fiercely (in Aries fashion) and as Venus goes direct witness the world reflecting that same fierce love back to you.

Through Mercury, Aries invites us to speak our truth and to hold nothing back in terms of our communication. Invite your voice, the pioneering spirit in you to emerge and dare to freely share that which is flowing through you. Open to sharing that which is a function of your renewed connection to your intensely powerful inner world (integrating the new moon piece.) It serves no one for you to hold back the fire that is being ignited within. Although, there is a risk of speaking before we think during this time, so do be mindful that your words are not cutting like razor blades. Speak truth, be direct, but also engage compassion as to not leave a trail of hurt feelings behind.

The evolutionary lesson here is to learn that holding back our truth serves no one and stifles the passion and fire inside. So, during this time practice stepping into your highest expression from a place of authenticity and be willing to speak up even if you find your voice is shaking.

Through Uranus, Aries invites us to honor our individuated selves above all else. It fits perfectly to honor Shakespeare’s eloquent line, “to thine own self be true.” Above all else, honor yourself! When we combine the rebellious revolutionary (Uranus) with the pioneering spirit of warrior Aries, we experience the perfect storm for opportunities to step into powerful new beginnings that are reflective of our most authentic, visionary selves. If ever there was a time to plant seeds that are primed to grow into personal and collective revolution, it is now.

Aries times can be unstable. Risky. This is not easy energy. It’s like rocket fuel just waiting for the match to be lit underneath - the only question is whether you are willing to strike the match. Explosions are possible, but so are massive blast offs that carry you up toward higher states of consciousness, expanded states of being, deeper levels of self worth, more fulfilling relationships, and a life flavored with authenticity and excitement. That is if we dare take the leap; if we dare to risk the safety of that which we have known, in favor of the unknown territory of our dreams.



Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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