Yael Marantz

Yael Marantz

Background: Israeli

*What are 3 words you use to describe yourself?

Aesthete, Intuitive, Mermaid

*What makes you feel at home?

The ocean. And my altar, I travel a lot so my altar is the energetic constant that makes any space a home. 

*What is your best kept SELF LOVE secret?

I love taking baths. It’s a simple luxury I indulge in. Bonus points for claw foot tubs with essential oils, rose petals, salts and candlelight.




*What does WORSHIP mean to you?

Acts of devotion and reverence in celebration and honor of the divine. 

*What is one thing that makes you feel SEXY?

Nude sunbathing.

*What is your favorite piece of clothing, and how does it make you feel?

Anything backless and my black biker boots. They jingle when I walk! :)

*Describe what gets you in the mood to make love.

Stripping down to the naked soul. I’ll show you mine. You show me yours. 


*What is your High Vision?

For humanity to remember that we are not separate from nature. To create a living laboratory for an alternative model of living in service of regeneration and co-evolution with nature. To see a network of communities emerge globally from this impulse and serve as infrastructure for transition to a regenerative system. 

*What is one limiting belief you’re letting go of?

We’re running out of time. 


Yael Marantz is a Biomimetic (mimetika.org), photographer (@gaiaerotica) and a founding member of Luna Valiente (lunavaliente.org), a living lab for an open-source community model birthed from regenerative principles.



Shot by Rachel Pringle

Interview by Moun and Rachel.