7 Ways to Glowing Skin


Skin has a sneaky way of being connected to our confidence. Purely because it is there, right on your face for you and the world to see. I have struggled with skin issues many times in my life.

The first real time being when i was 15 and I had tried every single thing under the sun. I had just started modeling and it was heart wrenching to walk into a casting and see all these other beautiful women with gorgeous radiant skin. My dermatologist decided to put me on Acutane. So at the tender age of 15 I went on birth control still 3 years away from actually losing my virginity and began the intense process of this pharmaceutical drug. This meant I gave blood monthly, took pills every day and put so much lotion on with the hopes that my face wouldn't peel off into my lunch. Whew!!

Acutane worked... for a few years and then POOF, they were back and I was yet again at the same cross road of how do I "fix" this. Needless to say in the process of taking Acutane, it stripped my belly of all its good bacteria and my stomach was now experiencing an imbalance which was showing up on my face. I was fed up. Willing to try anything and also finally in a more open mind set I started to tinker with alternatives that I had never played with before.

Below are 7 ways that I took my skin from broken out and dull to clear and radiant. I wish the same for you.




I have to put this in CAPS because it is so serious! I had no idea that a huge reason that I was continuously breaking out was because I was using drying agents on my skin and it literally couldn't breath! The build up of dead skin and the lack of oxygen caused my break outs to be more frequent and tender. OUCH!

First step is to cut back on all your drying products and start to use more natural organic elements to merge with your skin. Some great gentle brands to use are Desert Essence, Honey Girl organic, Kiss my face and Derma E, among so many others. Pop into your local health food store and check out the ingredients.  Gentle is key.


2. Feed your skin

Your skin, like anything else in your body is a living organism and likes to be fed, nurtured and replenished often. Your skins natural way of being is to shed consistently and it LOVES moisture. Thats why when you go on vacation somewhere tropical you usually come back feeling gorgeous! All that water, moisture and oil your applying is like medicine for you skin. The chemicals in most skin care strip your skin of its natural oils. Its time to moisturize majorly! My favorite oils are Rose hip, Almond Oil, Argan oil and Carrot seed.

*You can also purchase the Wild Woman Topanga made oil that I curated myself!

3. Treat areas separately

 Our skin is unique, treat it that way. There are certain parts of my face that tend to be more dry and certain parts that tend to be more oily. I use separate things that treat those individual areas. For bigger more sore pimples I use Neam oil. This ancient indian oil is super antibacterial, healing and amazing for treating those sensitive guys.

I use Tea tree oil slightly diluted with water on more common pimples and black head areas. This clearing essence comes in and drys out the pimple without using alcohol or other hazardous chemicals. I encourage you not to use tea tree on your nose. Our nose tends to me a very dry area and neam works very well for me here.


4. Step up your game

There are so many amazing natural things out there now to heal and hydrate our skin. Vitamin c Serum is fantastic for replenishing. Also add some Hyaluronic acid gel before bed for even more added moisture. 


5. Exfoliate

Slough off those dead skin cells so your skin can breath. Be gentle. Exfoliation can be great when done 1-2 a week, gently and with the right product. I love to use oil based sugar scrubs, Coffee and brown sugar scrubs and my all time favorite product Supreme. This product is a bit pricey yet worth it! It will last you a long time and works so well at cleaning the skin off. Its also natural ; ) 


6. Love your skin the way it wants to be LOVED

Make it a ritual. Like I said before, your skin is living. It hears what you say and it feels what you feel. So start loving your skin now.

Imagine it being clear and radiant and operate from that place. I know this may seem odd, yet it works. At one of my lowest moments when I was ready to try anything I had a dear friend share her mantra with me. "I love my clear radiant skin." I began doing this daily, in fact every single time I thought about my skin or touched my skin I repeated this mantra, out loud or silent. The more you feel something the more true it becomes. This for me is the number one step. What do all the women who have clear beautiful skin think? Exactly. Thoughts become things.


7. Nourish your body

Drink more water. This is a biggy! Moisturize from the inside out. Its surprising how much your skin and life will shift when you drink more water. Our body, organs and cells work better when we are properly hydrated. Keep water on you at all times and insure that its good, filtered water. Avoid tap.

Sleep more. When we sleep our body goes into healing mode. Proper sleep relieves stress and less stress equals clear skin.

Eat clean and organic. Chemicals that are in processed food have a similar effect to chemicals in skin care products. They dry out your insides and your body cannot process properly. This creates build up which then creates toxins and the toxins easiest route out is... ding ding ding, your skin. Look for natural ingredients and avoid things you cant pronounce.

Get into nature. Breath clean clear air and move. 



You are beautiful. Thank you. I love you.


By: Rachel Pringle