I Accept All Of Myself

There are so many different facets to our being. We as women have been programed to think or believe that we have to be just one type of woman. The mother, the warrior, the orphan, the virgin, the lover; the list goes on. We seperate ourselves internally to act from one place in order to feel safe. Yet the truth is we are all of these things. When we integrate and allow our full expression in all the colors to be seen, then we are fully seen. There is a lesson here. For us to fully integrate our power we must feel free to express what it is that we are experiencing in that particular moment. This can change rapidly and when we allow the moments to flow through us and out of us then we can be exactly who we are. The wild woman who honors and worships all parts of herself. I give you permission to be all that you are and I thank you for giving me permission to be all that I am.

Shot by Laurent Levy