Angelika Alana

Background: Australian

*What are 3 words you use to describe yourself?

Warrior, Love, Fierce.

*What makes you feel at home?

Deep genuine connections, good food, a place where I feel safe to be silly, a good bed.

*What is your best kept SELF LOVE secret?

Singing to myself in the mirror. Self talk and self touch. Speaking to yourself the way you want others to speak to you. Saying the words you have been waiting for others to say, to yourself. Creating a space that feels really comfortable and sexy. Touching yourself in a way that feels really nourishing. #coconutoil.

*What does WORSHIP mean to you?

Devotion. Acts of service and kindness. Sharing your time, touch and heart.

*What is one thing that makes you feel SEXY?

Working out. Naked yoga. 

*What is your favorite piece of clothing, and how does it make you feel?

My silk kimono. It makes me feel magical and feminine.

*Describe what gets you in the mood to make love.

An energy thats created between my partner and I. When I feels his admiration, the way he looks at me. Soft touch and massage. Laughing together, cooking together and occasionally fighting.

*What is your High Vision?

To have a space that has a healthy restaurant, a studio and holistic healing rooms. To have children and be as happy as I am right now.


*What is one limiting belief you’re letting go of?

That I'm not good enough to do anything that I dream of or desire to do. Letting go of being "right". 


Angelika is a coach, a yoga and meditation teacher and a musician. 

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Shot by Rachel Pringle

Interview by Moun and Rachel