5 Ways To Be Happy Now

What is happiness? A lot of us think that happiness is something that we get, or receive.  Money, Love, Success etc. It tends to always be a pursuit of something outside of ourselves. The truth is happiness is something that is cultivated within ourselves. Its an inner state that we are constantly fine tuning and nurturing. When we remain centered in ourselves in our own inner happiness the world around us changes accordingly. We have a sense of calm, of peace because we are in a state of creation instead of achievement. When we surrender then there are limitless possibilities. Its when we are trying to control the outcome by getting things we think will make us happy instead of seeing the magic that is right in front of our eyes.


Here are 5 easy tools to cultivating your inner state of happiness.


1. Take a walk in nature.

This is incredibly freeing and calming. Being in nature reminds us of the present moment. It gets us out of our own head and into what is happening right now. Nature is a direct reflection of our beings. Death and Rebirth in every moment, impermanence and constant life. It shows us that even though it may be winter; cold, dark and rainy that soon spring will come and everything will be beautiful and smell sweet. Moments and emotions will pass and your inner state can remain calm and at peace. 

Leave your phone and music at home and take in what is around you. Look at the flowers, the trees and how beautiful and powerful they are. Look at the dirt and remember how everything grows from that.

2. Dance

For a man or a woman being in your body and moving with no actual intention yet simply to be is incredibly freeing. To put on some music and simply allow the rhythm to move you. If you are angry, sad or frustrated it will move that energy out of you. You will physically change the state of your being by changing the frequency of your energy.

Find a secluded place, put on some of your favorite music or something you never listen to really loud and allow yourself to completely let go. Dance for a good 10-30 mins. Don't stop, just move release and allow yourself to feel your body. You will be amazed at how you feel afterwards.


3. Write a gratitude list

Start your day off with making a short or long list of all the things you are grateful for. This is an amazing way to bring your mind into the present moment and to then start attracting things from that foundation of gratitude. They say that being grateful is the secret to happiness so starting or ending your day in this way will remind you of what you have.

Make a list and start simple and small. Im grateful for this comfortable bed. For the sun shinning. For the birds. My home. The food in my fridge. It will shift your perspective from what you don't have to what you do have. A happy life is based in the simple pleasures. 


4. Scream Therapy

Let it all go!! This may seem unconventional because so many of us are taught that we aren't supposed to feel or express our feelings. Certainly not scream! Thats unheard of. Yet I beg to differ. Letting our energy out in a scream or a sequence of screaming is cathartic and cleansing for our system.

Take a pillow and go to a secluded safe space like your bedroom. Put on some music or be in silence and take the pillow to your face and SCREAM. Scream again and again until you can feel your physical and emotional state changing. 


5. Meditate or sit in silence

Being with ourselves in silence is an extremely potent and powerful practice. Its like having a conversation with you which most of us never really do. We don't give ourselves the time to check in and see what we need or want. We are mostly on auto pilot going from one thing to the next. When we can create time to simply be in our own energy its like a reboot to our whole system. They say meditating for 20 mins is the equivalent to 90 mins of deep rest.

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Breath in and out at a regular pace simply watching and feeling your breath. When you feel calm perhaps try asking yourself a question like "What is it that I need right now". You will be surprised what comes up. Honor your inner voice.


You are the creator, your habits create your reality.






Rachel Pringle Co Founder of Wild Woman