New Moon in Taurus, April 26th, 2017

On April 26th, 2017 we collectively bask in the soothing energy of the New Moon in Taurus.

On the tail of a particularly intense haul through Aries season (fraught with retrogrades) and the recent Full Moon in Libra (which triggered the challengingJupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square) we welcome this hefty dose of Taurus energy with open arms. 

While these recent transits have not been comfortable, they have certainly been compelling. Compelling us to courageously identify our deepest truths and claim that which serves our souls needs, even in the face of “the other” who would like to see us choose otherwise.  

We have been faced with tests around our willingness to honor ourselves inside of our most important relationships.

We have been asked to choose ourselves and seek within for the love and validation we seek.

We have been faced with questions around self worth and how we value ourselves; and we have witnessed our outer worlds reflecting the answers back to us with crystal clarity.  

Have you liked what you’ve seen reflected in the mirror of your life or have the recent reflections provided clarity that it might be time to renegotiate the ways in which you honor and love yourself within the context of relationship?

With Venus finally out of her retrograde cycle, it's time to move out of this period of relational review and integrate our recent discoveries; from this place of renewed self-understanding and worth, we initiate forward motion in terms of how we show up and what we stand for inside of all of our relations.

Aries season pushed us to the edge of the plank and asked us to find the courage to leap, sometimes blindly, into a new paradigm of being. This has certainly taken courage, but with a certain amount of synchronous luck graced upon us by the Libran Full Moon/Jupiter conjunction on April 11th the Universe has provided the perfect place for us to land.

Enter the New Moon in Taurus, the cradle in which we are invited to settle, find peace and fully integrate these recent high-octane shifts. Taurus energy lulls us into discovering our place of calm, our place of balance, our place of pleasure.

With this New Moon, we consciously choose to go to the people and places that soothe our souls. We intend to engage with that which nurtures us, simply and effectively, on every level. This can be as simple as getting present to the feeling of the earth beneath your feet and intentionally taking your shoes off to feel the soft grass supporting you vs speeding past with shoes on. Or, perhaps slowing down in order to choose foods that truly nourish you and noticing what actually feels good moving through your body. This is about feeding the essence of your being so that you can come back to a place of balance inside yourself.

Imagine an Olympian who has just run the race and won, but now needs recovery time to soothe the inevitable bumps and bruises attained during training on the way to victory. After working hard and “tearing the muscles” they must have time to recover. 

Here the muscles of our psyche have torn - as muscles always do when being built – and while we are stronger, more clear and primed for victory, we must still take pause, cultivate rest and recover.

So, what does soul recovery look like for you? How can you create enough space for yourself so that the waters of your consciousness have time to settle? 

Aim to avoid that which could be jarring or shocking and be mindful of who you choose to share energy with – this is a time for safe spaces.

Here we have a “Taurean guilt free zone” to soak in a hot bath, to treat yourself to a massage and to splurge on that item you’ve been eyeing which will bring you sensory pleasure; whether it's an outfit with fabric that feels good on your body, a painting that pleases the eye or a spa treatment, give to yourself that which brings you pleasure through the physical senses.

Focus on the practical, the simple and try not to complicate or overthink things. A great way to avoid the trap of over complication is to simply get into your physical body. Take a cue from the animal world; if you’re hungry, eat. If you’re tired, sleep. If you’re uncomfortable, move. The answers can be so simple when we re-engage with our instinctual essential nature. Our body centered wisdom.

Get into your body through physical exercise, stretching, connecting with a pet, a cup of hot tea before bed or grounding activities in nature (this is a great moment for an impromptu camping trip!) Right now, it can be as simple as coming back to your breath. Again and again, just breathe. Remember, this is a moment of recovery.

As you relax into this space, you will receive the gift of embodied wisdom that has always been your birthright. To simply be. To simply receive. To simply breathe.

Above all else aim to enjoy this sacred moment of rooted self-worship; and as the “muscles” of your consciousness relax and recover you will come back into balance in order to move forward from a place of wholeness and embodied power.

Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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