9 Easy Steps To Self Healing

The MIR Method


I've been using The Mir Method for 2 years now and it has profoundly shifted my world. Taught to me by a dear friend when I was in a very rough place, it elevated me through my struggle and into a place of serenity and inner calm. I use this easy method whenever I am feeling disconnected to my body or spirit. It's also extremely useful for when you feel sick, hungover or simply need a reboot to your system.


The Mir Method stands for Mental and Intuitive Reset it also means peace in Russian. Its designed to gently takes away the causes of physical and emotional discomfort and instill trust in the self healing abilities of our body. To relax your mind and subconscious you gently and lovingly touch your own skin. This sends signals to your brain that feel good and create a sense of safety. It can be done anywhere. Recommended to do twice a day and it only takes 2 mins.


Repeat these 9 affirmations 3 times each while gently and lovingly caressing a part of your body. Start with your hand or arm. When you feel solid in your practice you can incorporate it into your meditation, imagining that you are caressing your whole being with your words.



1. Optimize acidity.
2. Detox all toxicity.

3. Detach Mother, Detach Father.
4. Clear meridians.
5. Supplement all shortages.
6. Balance hormone system.
7. Fulfill basic needs.
8. Optimize Chakras and Aura.
9. Clarify Mission.



The MIR-Method was developed in 2009 by holistic therapist Mireille Mettes from The Netherlands, Europe.