How To Make Your Morning Magnificent


For some of us waking up to our alarm clock in the morning doesn’t necessary say "YES new day, good morning!!", perhaps its more like how do I get out of bed fast enough to rinse my face and have a cup of coffee to really wake up? Our mornings are actually a very powerful time, from the simple moment when you are not yet fully awake, still in a bit of a dream state, to the moment when you start to think about your day (hopefully excited and ready to take on the world). Those crucial morning hours can set the tone for our whole day. This is why having a morning routine has completely changed my life, from giving myself enough time to really wake up, enjoying those few extra minutes in bed to setting intentions, reminding myself this is a brand new day, a chance to look at it with a fresh set of eyes, open to all possibilities.

Here are a few hacks I discovered over the years that have made me a very happy (and productive) morning person; remembering that as everything this is a trial and error process, try a new one each day and see how you feel, I invite you to save this page and come back to it when you are ready to try a new one.


1. Keep your phone on airplane mode or away from you until you have meditated or have had your "morning me time". Imagine how centered you would feel by starting your mornings off without checking emails or instagram. By putting yourself first, keeping the outside stimulus to a minimum in the morning can aid in remembering dreams, allow more time for a bed stretch or journaling. Start the day focused on you.


2. Drink 2 large glasses of water as soon as you wake up. Hydration Hydration Hydration. Our bodies have just spent the last 7/8 hours repairing and restoring itself, so its very thirsty in am. This will also help you get that good morning poop on. Followed by a shot of the all time cure-all elixir Apple Cider Vinegar, which will not only definitely wake you up, it is also said to help stabilize blood sugar, promote healthy digestion, and reduce candida overgrowth.


3. Make your bed. Yes, sounds like something our parents told us growing up, yet this sends signals to your brain that you have closed the night and now a new day has arrived. Keeping the room looking more organized, also subconsciously calms the mind.


4. Light it up! Light up a candle, incense, Palo Santo or Sage. Clearing the energy, symbolizing the beginning of a new day, and all its aromatherapy benefits. The burning of Sage and other herbs is an ancient practice and now also said to have antiseptic and killing bacteria properties.

5. Gratitude List. By taking the time to write down a short gratitude list each morning, will not only bring you more into the present moment, but you will notice things that you already have that you are grateful for, that way attracting even more abundance into our lives. I suggest starting with a list of 5-10 each morning, and of course add more if you desire. Start simple and build. This can be yourself, your home, friends, family, health and job.


6. Meditate. Create a meditation practice that feels good to you. Start with 6 minutes, if you don’t already have a meditation practice. This may be you setting some time aside to simply be with yourself, focusing on your breath, or a part of your body sitting or repeating the things you are grateful for. Don’t let the thought of meditation put you off, this simply means taking the time to observe, to witness yourself, to be calm with your mind before taking on the day. By being with yourself, by watching yourself in your daily life with alert interest, with the intention to understand rather than to judge, in full acceptance of whatever may emerge, simply because it is there.


7. Exercise. Some days this may look like an amazing yoga practice, a run by the beach or a short walk. Taking the time to exercise in the morning comes with a lot of love, naturally our physical bodies, it oxygenates our nervous system, improving our focus and mental alertness for the entire day, it also enhances your metabolism. Even a brief 2o minute exercise facilitates information processing and memory functions. Having a morning exercise practice will also help you get better sleep. WIN WIN!




Moun D'Simone is the Cofounder Of Wild Woman. She is a ancient Yin yoga, Breathwork and Meditation teacher from many lifetimes. Follow her below.