The Space Between Us



The s p a c e between us feels vast and close


The distance hard to measure


Where we’re going next frighteningly unknown


Tears run down my face with every push away,


I pray


To be held, to be seen, to be loved


By you.


I pray for the strength to let myself love you,


Without the need 




To get it from you.


Such a gift to feel.




I was a fool to pretend I didn’t need it.


Everybody needs it.


Some spend lifetimes searching 


Missing the obvious.


Right in front of their noses.


Some seek it out desperately,


Unaware that this clouds the light.


Be it.


Let it come to you.


When it comes, feel it, 


But don’t hold on too tight


For it is you but it is not yours. 






Alexcia Anahata is a medicine worker, space holder and conscious community builder.

Follow her at @Alexcia_anahata