Mia Banducci

Background: Italian and Spanish


*What are 3 words you use to describe yourself?

Vivacious, Magical, Adventurous


*What makes you feel at home?

Trees, quiet, the smell of good food, warm hugs, a room full of laughter and a snuggly bed.


*What is your best kept SELF LOVE secret?

Eye Gazing with myself in the mirror, stream of consciousness writing. 

*What does WORSHIP mean to you?

It means love, awareness, and reverence. It means acknowledging the forces that have created us and bestowed benevolence on us. The knowing we are an emanation of that which we worship. 


*What is one thing that makes you feel SEXY?

Radical Self Expression and Radical Self Acceptance. 


*What is your favorite piece of clothing, and how does it make you feel?

A long white flowy goddess dress, it's fitted on the top with a slit all the way up the side and it just flows behind me. It makes me feel powerful, embodied feminine and strong. Like the wizard queen I always dreamt of being as a little girl. 


*Describe what gets you in the mood to make love.

Deep connection, laughter, and intellectual stimulation. The ability to just sit quietly next to one another. Someone you feel just as safe and nurture by as you do turned on and ravenous for. 

*What is your High Vision?

To create educational, entertainment, and conscious content that awakens the world on a massive scale. To be able to share the tools and wisdom which transforms our trials into triumphs. 


*What is one limiting belief you’re letting go of?

Letting go of the idea that if I'm successful people will take advantage of me and would only love me for my success rather than who I am. 


Mia is A Visionary Story Teller, Mastering Modern Magic. She is Personal Evolution Coach, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Speaker and A Revolutionary. You can follow her @MiaMagik and  Youtube/MiaMagik