May You Remember Today

May all your fears be removed
May you feel the waterfall of blessings, guidance and infinite love pour over your whole being
May you remember today and all days to come, 

You are a warrior, you are the light you've been looking for
This is your essence, it is pure and all encompassing LOVE
For that you guide us, you teach us, you show us this way, the way back into our hearts
This love is unconventional, this love is beyond the dictionary, is subtler and more pure than anything you can try to imagine in your wildest dream
This love is direct insight and intuition
Love is the action, the force that drives you, and unites us
When you remember this, it's a momentous, life-changing moment
Then comes the decision to lead from that space, everyday.

There will be moments of loneliness, though this is the only way.
And you will flourish.
You will see and feel your infinite potential and from that you will recognize the same in all beings and all things around you.
You will love like an innocent child, free, open and unconditionally.
This is the light, your light, let it unfold for your inner growth and self realization.

To you, whose essence is simply love.


Moun is the Cofounder Of Wild Woman. She is an ancient Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation teacher. Follow her below.