How To Clear Your Energy

We are all made up of energy and experiencing energy in every moment. Sometimes we can glide through our day experiencing beautiful energy and sometimes we can go through our day gathering other peoples energies that makes us feel tired, exhausted, moody and even depressed. We can be feeling these feelings and not even be aware that they are not ours, that we've simply picked them up without even knowing it. Have you ever left a friend or a party and felt low energy, angry or even anxious? This can be extremely confusing and exhausting when we are indadvertedly picking up stuff that isn't ours.

A lot of us have empathic abilities, I certainly do. This means that I have a tendency; when I don't protect my energy field; to pick up other peoples moods and projections. Perhaps you leave work after you hear your boss yelling about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you and you get home feeling terrible and emotional. You could be experiencing his/hers energy in you. 


Here are 3 ways you can clear your energy now.


 1. Sage (smudging)

These ancient plants have been used in ceremony and rituals for hundreds of years, known heavily in the Native American culture to be one of the most powerful ways to reconnect to a clear space within yourself.  They are used by burning the tip to create a deep orange glow, blowing out and then using the smoke to trace and clear the energy of a space and your own body. When smudging your body go underneath your arms, feet and around your head. 


2. Clearing Mantra

I recite this mantra every morning and every night to set and clear the energy for my day. I also use this if there is any discomfort in a conversation or scenario.

"Whatever energies, entities, beings, cords or connections that are in or around my energy field that are not here for my highest good I COMMAND them to be removed RIGHT NOW."

3. Projection Mantra

I recite this mantra when I feel like I'm picking up people's projections that I don't feel are true.

"Whatever stories, spells, images, thoughts are feelings that are being put on me by another that are not here for my highest good I COMMAND myself to be a MIRROR so it can powerfully and compassionately go back to them."

While practicing these techniques I also visualize these energies physically, emotionally and spiritually leaving my being and body. I then feel and see myself clear, clean and glowing with radiant, white light.