Love Is A Funny Thing

Love is a funny thing, You can get caught up in the whimsical magic or the dark storm of the powerful force that your ego brings to it.

Pure love, the unconditional kind of of love; has no story, agenda or boundaries. It is always flowing like an endless well.

Trying to control how much water is flowing from the well, the way the water moves  and the direction in which it is going is what stops the flow. Making it my job to turn the wellspring on and off and focused on where it was not flowing had been my biggest trapping and pattern with my relationship to love.

Love is always ready for union, partnership, & intimacy but are we really ready for a relationship with love?  I felt my heart race, the tension in my thighs building, the speeding up of my breathe as I asked myself this question. "Am I ready for a new relationship with this universal unconditional always present love...." My soul answered back..."yes I am."

The old belief that my relationship with love had to explored with my partner, needing the safety of the container of a committed romantic relationship so I can work on my "stuff" with my partner to deepen my connection to love was a story had been telling myself for years. That I need a partnership and a mirror to help me evolve in my understanding of this caliber of loving. The truth unraveled itself, could I handle all my own stuff and wasI ready to look deeper into the mirror of unconditional love?

What is being asked of me now, as love whispers in my ear like the most present and sensual lover, is to learn how to make love for loves sake and take the time to slow down and get to know this new love. Build a relationship and learn  what it likes, how it plays and  desires to be expressed through me as a vessel.

Its not when a relationship ends, a partner leaves to travel the world, someone breaks your heart by choosing a different direction for their life does love also leave you.  Oh no darling that is just the illusion that I mentioned earlier that we must stay away from. That is not love.
That is an old story that we know far too well that has always leaves us feeling in the role of the victim and then one day, like today, we realize that when love is involved in every word, action, and intention there are no victims.

~All for & in love~



Josefina Bashout the Pussy Priestess is a women's health advocate   holistic lifestyle designer.  She is on a mission to remind the world of their true loving essence and reconnect them with the powerful blueprint of their soul design. For more information and private sessions check out her website and follow her on instagram @pusssypriestess