New Moon in Gemini, May 25th 2017


On May 25th we collectively navigate the expansive energy of the Super New Moon in Gemini.


Gemini energy invites us to lighten up, to resurface from the depths of the powerful emotional waves we have been navigating recently and take a breath of fresh air!


Sweet relief after the recent Full Moon in Scorpio which moved us to face our unresolved issues and emotional blocks. The Scorpionic energy opened up the doorway to access the emotional material we may have been suppressing; the only question is whether or not we were ready to intentionally walk through that doorway in order to work consciously with that potentially uncomfortable material.


Heavy times we have been navigating in more ways than one, and while it has been very important to dive deep and process, it’s equally important that we don’t become so consumed in our “stuff” that we suffocate or lose ourselves within it. Enter the New Moon in Gemini, our momentary saving grace.


Gemini, the first of the air signs, invites us to come up for air from the watery depths of Scorpio. Consider this Gemini moon to be your snorkel, one breath at a time we regain our center and re-engage with an expanded perspective.


If we use this energy well, the waves will begin to subside so that we can see more clearly and objectively. We have the opportunity to ask questions about what we have been processing and why? What are we meaning to learn on the soul level? What is our higher self-aiming to teach us by setting up our current circumstances? What are we attracting and why? What stories are we buying into? How have our recent experiences been serving our souls evolution in this lifetime?


We begin to release our attachment to the emotional inner world and get curious about the outer world once again. We begin to notice fresh opportunities;  opportunities for play, for lightness, for new learning. We aim to engage with beginner mind and cultivate a certain amount of freshness and diversity of experience in our daily lives.


How might you change up your routine during this time? Boredom is the antithesis of Gemini energy so use this energy well by trying something new and getting outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s through taking a class, going to a comedy show, heading out on a road trip, or changing up the fabric of your normal day-to-day entirely, above all else, do something different!


The element of shock and wonder is inherently valuable during Gemini times. We aim to shake things up so that we are stimulated into viewing our experience from a fresh angle, through a fresh lens! In gaining this new perspective we will find ourselves thinking in new ways, forging mental pathways that support greater levels of clarity while upgrading our “processing speed” and expressing ideas that are reflective of the most authentic version of ourselves.  


At the time of the super new moon we also have a T-square between Venus transiting through Aries, Jupiter retrograding through Libra and Pluto retrograding through Capricorn.


Power struggles and challenging dynamics related to outgrown structures are at play in the larger world (represented by Pluto in Capricorn which has a bulldozer “ready or not here I come kind of feel”) and at the same time we have a tug of war between our personal needs and the needs of the other.  


This T-square indicates the presence of highly intense interpersonal dynamics that may include out of balance power dynamics, energy leaks (personally and/or professionally) issues of codependency and boundary setting, victim/aggressor behavior, imbalances of give and take, over or under estimation of where you stand in the eyes of partners and the need to assertively and bravely incorporate new self honoring behaviors into the framework of your personal affairs.  Relational paradigm shift on the horizon!


This certainly has a “tipping point” feel in many ways as the energy compels us to redefine what healthy relationship looks like with self, with other, and with the larger world as a whole.


The greater aim is that we may each step powerfully into an up-leveled version of ourselves within the context of the sea of relationships we find ourselves in as an inherent part of being in this human family.


The Gemini energy itself serves as a supportive influence in navigating this T-square as it gives us the ability to view that which is emerging in our lives from an objective viewpoint and speak clearly and truthfully in service of growth and authentic empowerment.


As we enter into the next phase of our life journey, we aim to see clearly with love, speak intentionally with truth, and act joyfully with courage. 



Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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