How To Bliss Out Your Bath

Water is a miraculous thing. Its cleanses' your whole system and resets your body so you feel relaxed, serene and grounded. Think about how you feel after you jump into the ocean. There is a sense of renewal and freshness that stays with you. How do you take this feeling and translate it into something you can do weekly or even daily? Make yourself a ceremonial bath. For those of you who aren't close to the ocean this is an easy way to get the feeling of renewal right in your own home.

Everything is a ceremony when you set an intention. This has been done around food, parties, in the work place etc. Taking the time to set an intention around anything takes it from being ordinary to special. You are present with what you are doing so you are allowing the energy of the universe to come in and add its own magic.


Here are 5 steps to creating your own ceremonial bath.


1. Make it HOT

Setting the right temperature for your bath seems like something simple yet many of us don't take the time to be present with the temperature. Getting into a bath that is luke warm is not the look. So take the time to be present while running your bath insuring that its hot, steamy and will allow you to truly relax your entire being when entering. Sometimes boiling some water on the stove and adding it to your bath can give you that added heat that takes your bath from ordinary to exquisite.




2. Add the oil 

Oil is amazing in a bath because your skin is so open that it finally has the time to seep in and really penetrate your largest organ. It also creates a silky texture to the bath that adds another level of relaxation. I suggest tying your hair up while in the bath to avoid getting your hair oily.

Some amazing oils for the bath are

Rose oil: This is a romantic, sultry and extremely flagrant oil that really sets the mode for you to do a self love practice or call in a new found lover. Repeat the mantra 3 times " I love my beautiful body and receive the infinite love that I am." 5 drops

Lavender Oil: This oil is made for relaxation. Its the perfect scent to really release your day and any stress that came with it and be present with yourself. Lavender also acts as an antidepressant. Repeat the mantra 3 times " I fully release everything that no longer serves. I am present with the serenity of this moment." 10 drops

Frankincense Oil: This oil is perfect when you may feel a bit anxious. It is known to reduce mental trauma and depression in patients with terminal diseases and bring down their anxiety. Repeat the Mantra 3 times. " I feel calm and centered within myself. I allow myself to see the truth of this moment, which is that I am perfect."





3. Light it up

Lighting is very important. When there is bright lights there is a sense of urgency and alertness that can alter our state of relaxation. Light a few candles and really set the mood for your mind to be calm and your eyes to close in a state of surrender.




4. Add the extra element

This can be as simple as adding rose or flower petals to set the intention of true pampering. When you see something like this your create a feeling of royalty. You are taking the time to really make an effort for yourself. How often do we actually take the steps to create a space that feels divine and sacred.

Other additions

Salts: Bath salts are divine. They soothe and soften the skin while also opening your organs into a state of relaxation, giving your body a real break.

Milk: We've heard this before yet likely have never tried it. Milk is also meant to help soften and relax the skin. Adding moisture when the skin is open and ready to receive.




5. Turn off

Yep thats right. Turn off your phone, leave your computer and your ipad at the door and really relax. Take in a book or put on some really nice music and take this time for yourself. We are always on the go, likely multi tasking even during our "off" time. reprogram your mind and allow