Ileah Miezwa

Background: Swedish and Polish


*What are 3 words you use to describe yourself?

Funny, Beauty and Strong


*What makes you feel at home?

Home, a warm bed, cozy, and soft fabrics. 


*What is your best kept SELF LOVE secret?

Pleasure myself. Adorn myself with some type of really beautiful accessory. .  



*What does WORSHIP mean to you?

Devotion and attention to something beyond you. 



*What is one thing that makes you feel SEXY?

A fresh wax. 



*What is your favorite piece of clothing, and how does it make you feel?

I've had some really great favorite t-shirts, I wear them until they have holes in them. They make me feel at ease. 




*Describe what gets you in the mood to make love.

An incredible make out session. 



*What is your High Vision?

To make the world a more beautiful place, teaching people the truth of this reality;  making people laugh. Sharing wisdom and truth. 



*What is one limiting belief you’re letting go of?

That I am not enough, that I am not worthy, that I have been my worst enemy for too long. 


Ileah is a Dancer, Teacher, Healer, Truth Seeker, Tarot reader for over 20 years and Inspirational speaker. You can follow her @MyCaliSoul