The Truth Is Always LOVE

"Today brings a blessing that restores our hearts with truth. This blessing brings peace to our minds, and freedom to our hearts. This is a blessing to treasure and keep with you, always. 


Truth is the still water of your clean
and honest mind seeing itself deeply reflected. 
You cannot deceive yourself
and no one can make you accept lies. 
You remain truly happy. 

Truth comes from our connection to the Divine. The more we take time to be still, and know ourselves, the more truth becomes the basis of our lives. An honest heart and mind, keeps us both humble and positive. We recognize what is, and we choose to align ourselves with our highest truth, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. It's as though, we create a sacred fortress in our minds, in which, no opinion or belief of another based in untruth, can enter. Have you created this sacred fortress for yourself? Create a sacred fortress of truth, allow yourself to stay in the awareness of who you are at the core, a beautiful, loving being of peace. Simple and true, you remain happy and filled with love. "


Written by Arielle Hecht, Follow her at