My Body Responds, Rising In Heat

Practice this spell when you feel disconnected to your partner or want to enhance an already good connection. 



"Shrouded, drifting, in dusk so soft

Floating, observing, my body aloft

A cord reverberates a melody, so sweet

My body responds, rising in heat


I'll beckon you once, Lover

I'll beckon you twice

This fire shall burn me

If I must call to you thrice


Do you feel this cord

Strung from me to you?

Can you vibe with these words?

I'm singing our tune


Frankincense and myrrh for birth

Poppies, copper, gold for earth

Of alchemy and love I'll sing

Transmute this body into a stream."


"We have incarnated now to do the hard and holy work of transmutation of fear into love, slavery into sovereignty, and separation into oneness. Let us not forget that to give with all that we can first our cup must be full to the brim. Let us not forget to receive all of the fullness of our pleasure as women. To call forth passion with your lover, say these words and let all earthly worries and woes slip from your mind. Let your mind slip away with them. Welcome yourself home into your body and invite who you will to join you there."



Sarah Beck is a word smith, clairvoyant and modern day witch. She uses her words to alchemise and create reality. Follow her at @writingwithlight