The Self Love Meditation

Self love is a concept that we hear about pretty consistently. Its very new age and everyone from Tony Robbins to Oprah are talking about it.  What is self love? What does loving the self actually mean? How does it look and what are we actually supposed to do? Right?

I would consider myself a very loving person. Confident and self assured yet i didn't actually understand self love until I started actively practicing it. During a particularly difficult time in my life about 3 years ago I started to design this meditation based off a few different methods and what came to me intuitively. What happened after that completely altered my life and continues to do so. The first time I did the practice I cried and cried because i realized how little I was actually loving myself and how much more I could give myself.

Meditation to me means being with yourself. Giving yourself the time and space to simply connect with you. Most meditations are about silencing the mind, nothingness and watching the breath and as much as these styles are profoundly effective sometimes its incredibly powerful to actively use our mind during meditation. This system is designed for you to fill in the blanks based on you and your needs. This makes your practice unique to you and whatever it is that you are currently experiencing. 




  • Start off by getting into a comfortable seat where your hips are higher than your knees. Be properly cushioned and comfortable so that you don't have to fidget or move often.


  • Bring your hands to touch palm to palm at the center of your chest in front of your heart and close your eyes. Imagine all the love in the world. Think about babies, your mom, your boyfriend, animals, the beach, nature or anything else that fills you with love. Let this build and build and the imagine this energy entering your palms as if you are holding universal loving energy in your hands.





Bring your palms straight up over your head with your arms straight and open them. Imagine all the love that you have gathered pouring down on top of you like rich thick honey. Feel and visualize in your mind that it is seeping into all parts of your being filling you with infinite love.


  • Then begin physically going through all parts of your body with your hands and affirming the things you love about yourself. 


Examples are

I love my clear, beautiful, radiant skin; I love my throat and how its a channel for me to speak truth and love; I love how strong I feel when I share my truth; I love feeling fully expressed in my body; I love my beautiful, perky, gorgeous breasts; I love my strong, able arms; I love my beautiful, high, tight ass; I love my intestines and how amazing they work to eliminate things that are not good for me; I love my mind and how it serves me; I love my genitals ( male or female) and how amazing it feels to be rooted in who I am sexually; I love my feet and how they powerfully guide me through my days. ETC

This is an opportunity to for to tune into exactly what you need in this moment. I encourage you to be very specific and extensively go through your whole body and being. This may bring up emotion and that is a good thing. It is likely that we haven't maybe ever given ourselves this sort of attention and time to really honor and worship our whole being.







  • When you reach your heart place both hands comfortably in deep of your heart that beats for you every single day

Begin with a slow I LOVE YOU (fill in your name)

This may make you feel emotional in the beginning. This is a GREAT thing. Feel these emotions, let them release and love yourself freely and fearlessly throughout it.

Repeat this for a minute or longer when emotions are high.

Other great affirmations to use in this space are the following.

I forgive you

I receive you

I honor you

I recognize you

I see you

I surrender to you

I trust you

I believe in you





My invitation to you is to create a practice around this and see how you feel after doing this for 30 days. You can do 3 mins or 30 mins whatever feels right to you in that moment. Give yourself the time and space to really witness yourself and embark on the journey of self love. You are the Creator.


Bless all the lights,




Rachel Co Founder of Wild Woman