Beyond Future Free Of Past

Use this spell when you feel ready to call in a romantic interest or your partner of such is going away on a long trip.



"Four winds blew back

From whence they came

Sight beyond eyes

Show me the traveler's name


He comes to me slow

In deliberate steps

He's seen me as well

A vision well kept


I call on Isis

Warrior in the sky

What news of my beloved?

Who's heart has been mine


Beyond future

Free of past

A portal opens

For a love meant to last


Find me, my love

Under the willow tree

That weeps no more

For a love meant to be ."



To call in our beloved is an act of courage that comes from a deep understanding that we are here to know ourself in and of love. Careful, sisters, to not name your lover as spirit may have given love many faces and names for you. Call in the depth of intimacy and expansion you will cultivate with this great love. Have reverence, first, for all that you are. Say these words amidst your family, the trees. Let your cry carry on faerie wings.



Sarah Beck is a word smith, clairvoyant and modern day witch. She uses her words to alchemise and create reality. Follow her at @writingwithlight