She Is Finally Dead And Now Im Brand New

Tie me up, shoot me down. All feels dangerous as I now hear no sound.

You gave me life and lit my fire, you made me cry as you revealed that I'm a liar.

Hate is not real because I'm drowning in love yet how do I choose when I feel like I cant trust what's above.

I've abandoned you, you left me. I'm disconnected from god and I don't know whats true.

This isn't real, its full of illusion, yet you are the one that lacks the heart and adds to my confusion.

I'm sorry I feel this deep and try so hard and now I know that the heaven I once felt is not so far.

I follow my heart, my deepest passion no matter how expansive my ideals are not crashing.

I am tender and I now forgive, because your truth is no longer what I want to believe.

No matter what and despite how blind I felt, because what we experienced made my soul melt.

I'll never forget the moments of breath, the eyes I stole and the pleasures I felt.

Goodbye for now this person I knew, she is finally dead and now I am brand new.


Excerpt from "She is finally dead."