Who Are You? The Four Main Archetypes



a very typical example of a certain person or thing.


What are the archetypal stories playing out in your lives right now? The sooner you understand them the sooner you take charge of your life, in full embodiment, feeling empowered, empowering yourself and others around you. Then we start to live in full radiance, because we are whole.

Think about all the different Deities in the Hindu tradition. For example, they each carry one predominant power, a gift. We pray for each individually depending on what the experience calls for. Lakshmi for abundance, Saraswati for arts/creativity, Durga for strength, Parvati for love and devotion... They are all the unique manifestations of one, they each carry different qualities of the Godly, Divine expression; and that is the same for the archetypes within ourselves, specially us as women, as creators, are feminine pure Shakti force.



When we planned to do this photo shoot, I had a small idea of what I was getting myself into, yet I knew in my bones I was meant to be there and so much came to the surface, more than I could have ever planned, or imagined. That happened when I allowed myself to feel all the emotions that were passing through as we were discussing the different archetypes, the clothing, the essence of each.

I sensed an initial resistance because I knew I had to really go THERE, fully. It would not work otherwise, it wouldn't be true if I tried to keep myself safe and if I allowed the stories and the fears to move in. That is what keeps us from truly going THERE most of the time; the fear, what would they say about me if I'm fully expressed? The old hypnotic limiting behaviors, that wants to keep you safe, because to be fully expressed is scary as shit, yet its the only way, out of your comfort zone, thats where you grow.

So, I made a choice to really go THERE, because "their" reaction or opinion whether supportive or not, is always completely out of my control. By me choosing to really explore those previously unexplored sides of myself, I was going to truly set myself free, I wouldn’t be able to hide behind the "oh this is too much" or so and so wont accept me this way. BULLSHIT this is my fear, this is our fear to truly shine light in our wholeness, to look at our wounds, to look at all of it and receive the lesson and put the pieces together, for this puzzle to be whole, and THAT is the human experience.





This archetype represents our most primal urge to connect and create. This can also be represented by our erotic energy, which can be very misunderstood. I know I have had my share of misconceptions around this aspect of my being. I tried to repress it for as long as I could, out of pure fear, based on others projections and deeply rooted in my lack of understanding of what it means to be expressed in that way, hiding behind a mask, trying to be the "good girl" for far too long- oh what an illusion that was.

Until the day arrived, I was broken open, I was met by others that mirrored that light back to me, from a space of love and openness, which helped me understand this is as much an aspect of my being as any other. When we contract, trying to put it aside, its a clear sign that we have to walk right through it, moving into full expansion. After many years, it felt scary and so liberating to really see myself that way.

To be fully expressed means to look at all the colors that make you, you. Putting the fear aside and stepping forth courageously and ready to truly look at it, look at yourself, at your body, accepting, honoring and appreciating it all of it. When I think of the LOVER, the thought of deep communication, intimacy, sensuality and creativity; perhaps like a Scorpio. She is exciting, she is fiery, she is expressed.








The natural caretaker, representing the maternal instinct, the desire to create life, and to provide physical and spiritual sustenance. This archetype can also be seen as the helper, in a sense where one constantly puts others ahead of herself, at times neglecting her own needs, and often finding it difficult to establish boundaries. This aspect of ourselves can also be very stubborned, because we do not want to accept others help, because we feel we must be able to do it all on our own.

On the other hand, this is a vey gentle, warm, nurturing, compassionate and persistent part of us, and like anything else if we can find a healthy balance, the MOTHER is certainly a base, she is the creator and takes joy in doing so.

I have personally played with this archetype for many years of my life. My own mother being very much in her MOTHER archetype herself, was a very clear picture for me to look up to while growing up. Needless to say all the genetic DNA that was passed on to me, and being the oldest of 3 and the only girl, caring, putting others' needs ahead of mine and almost completely forgetting my own needs was most definitely very much a part of my life. Now I can learn from her, from the MOTHER and care, with boundaries, love me first so I can truly love you. Choose to see me and tell myself the things I often used to wait for others to tell me (another side affect of being heavy on the MOTHER "juice"; we focus on others so much that we expect them to be what we are meant to be for ourselves). The mother's instinct is to put the child's needs ahead of hers, and that is only natural until your children have all grown, and can certainly be that for themselves. Let us notice what is the example we are setting for our kids when we place them first always.

When we were photographing the archetypes, the mother was the first one; and my very first awakening, and some major realizations came through. I wanted to stay far away from feeling mostly in this archetype. I created a tough skin around myself, that when we started shooting all I was thinking was tender, soft, a mother's gentle touch, imagining what would it feel like to be inside a mothers womb, totally at ease, cozy, warm, all needs were taken care of. My first reaction was to look away, place my hand on my heart and just let the sun kiss my face. Somehow the allowing and receiving of that light felt so much like home at that moment.












She travels, she is adventurous, she is wild, she is one with all. She carries her most important belongings with her, she adorns herself, she totally receives herself, yet she is not afraid to let everything go as she is unattached. You take a quick look at her and you see her depth, wisdom, her traveling, gypsy nature in her fingers, in her accessories in her whole being. She is fire, she is air, she is the thunderstorm, yet she is the cloudy morning, and the gentle light right before dawn. She manipulates the darkness in her favor, she knows her power, oh yes she is well aware of her power, her gifts, her walk and her silence.

She witnesses and participates, she is determined to use it all as her means to be of service to her needs and the planet's. She is here to heal. She honors the calling, she does not resist it one bit. And she is proud for doing so. She is aware the stakes are high, and being called to BE the SHAMANA is something to be taken very seriously. She descends into the unconscious, she makes a choice everyday to look at what are the subconscious agreements that are holding her back. I feel like this one totally came through me in full embodiment of my Aries rising, she is fearless and she wants to grow, in the spirit of madness, she is ready to die and be reborn again and again. Like the Goddess Kali, she kills to experience rebirth, knowing this is the only way through, something has to die for anew to come in.

I felt myself most in this archetype when I was walking the streets of Varanasi in India, that mystical, wild dark place, where people go to die yet the fabric of life, ritual and expansion is so vibrant. And then again deeply on the shoot, being adorned, being connected to that nature again, feeling all the lifetimes I have lived before as SHAMANA coming together in this body.

She is aware that the collective experience and evolution is as important as her own individual one. She is deeply connected to her surroundings and her community trusts her. She is fluid, healthy and vibrant, she knows her way around people, and worlds. Let us ask for the SHAMANA's guidance through today's misconceptions of male and female leadership as she is the embodiment of leadership, living in the balance between the two polarities.











She exists because there is a battle to fight, there is a battle to be won, the battle of the ego, the battle of the dualities, one's demons. She has the utmost courage and composure. She carries herself like no other, she carries her weapons, if need be, she is ready. Her strength is clear, alive, it's palpable. She understands the power of the feminine, she is calm and rational. She knows where her feet are standing at all times, she knows what she is after.

This one truly stroke a cord in me. To see myself, so open and with that powerful potent look on my face was something I had not seen in a long time, perhaps never in this lifetime. I remember the way my fingers were on fire, I could feel the energy from my toes rising all the way through my body up to the crown of my head. It was lightening. She is not careless, she is simply in touch with her intuition, that she always knows where to turn, and that can be very intimidating for the outside and our own selves as well, because there is not much time to doubt, or question, just like that she's already moved. 

She is leader, she takes care of her pack. Keep in mind that every archetype comes with a light and a shadow side. She can hike the mountains alone, and travel far far away if need be, with that sense of invincibility, and that can translate as selfish or take the ego on a very self centered trip. Yet when we empower ourselves we empower those around us as well.

She showed me the confidence, strength and maturity that I have doubted in the past. The WARRIOR knows oneself and is here to remind us that we too know ourselves, the deepest parts of our beings, our desires and what our soul truly called for. She knows, and she is here to guide us there, to our own Hero's journey with effortless percission. 





Take it there, take yourself there, call upon these archetypes, these are different facets of you.

It's our responsibility to take oourselves THERE. No one will ever be able to really do it like ourselves, tell yourself what ever it is you are waiting for someone else to say to you. Say again and again and again, as you get beyond the discomfort. Radically loving all aspects of yourself. All archetypes in their own expression through your experience make you, YOU. They connect all of your pieces together, making you this epic unique expression, like no body else.




Story by Moun D'Simone

Photography by Yael Marantz 

Art Direction by sister-wives Rachel Pringle, Moun & Yael