Cry. Your Body Needs It

In this society we are often told that showing our emotions is a NO NO. For men and women is the same, crying is often times looked at as shameful, dramatic or even pathetic. We are taught from childhood not to cry, to hold it inside "Cut it out" or  "Pull it together". This is sad, truly because children have it right from the beginning. The older we get, especially when we have reached a space where we feel like we are now "adults", we shut it all down. We hold it in. We stuff it inside our bodies and pretend that we are ok. When actually we are not. When we can truly express ourselves, feel the emotions that are running through us and release them, we can almost immediately re align ourselves with our center.

I have been playing with this aspect of myself for the last 3 months. Whenever I feel sad or overwhelmed and I can feel the tears coming I create a space where I can completely let go.

I cry and cry, sob even and fully allow myself to express every drop of what's happening inside of me. This usually happens in my car with some sad music playing and likely I look pretty insane and you know what? IT FEELS INCREDIBLE. In the moment I may feel sad or angry or shameful, whatever. Yet after I have allowed myself to let everything go I enter a space of freedom and clarity that actually allows me to handle whatever situation that is currently upsetting me from a solution based place. Now the solution is not the end result, this is just an added benefit. It is truly and simply to give yourself the permission to express what's happening. Emotions are energy in motion. When we hold them inside of us they create resentment, disease, shame and guilt; to name a few. It's toxic and can lead to great problems later in our lives.

I am not condoning that you cry at the drop of the hat and blame other people for how you feel. More so take the time to honor your emotions and in a safe space with yourself or people that you feel safe with, to allow everything to come undone. To be vulnerable and know that it is ok to feel exactly what you feel. When you release these emotions you are also letting go of overly identifying with what it is that's happening. Giving yourself the space inside to feel rooted and connected to your highest self.



Here are 4 ways to open up and let it all go NOW:



1. Listen to music or watch a movie.

Like I said before one of my favorite places to let it all go is in the privacy of my own car. I put on some emotional music and really allow myself to feel whats coming up. Music and movies are incredibly helpful in moving energy that is stuck within. Listen or watch intently and witness your own stuff arising. I know we've all cried while watching The Notebook right?!? This is a great outlet to begin the process. Once the tears start coming i encourage them to pour out and really allow myself to sob, feel and express whatever it is without having any attachment.  



2. With a close friend

Get together with a close friend whom you trust and practice the act of being vulnerable. Expressing how we feel is one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves. It may seem scary at first to admit or express things out loud and likely it will make us emotional to open up yet it is one of the quickest ways to release the energetic power that a story in our minds may hold. You can prep your friend before hand that you may not know what's going to come out and to bear with you. Have tissues on hand, warm tea and be prepared to receive love. It is also a great gift to allow a trusted friend to hold you in a space of openness and vulnerability. 

3. In Silence

Get silent. Sit down in a space that is quiet and serene and allow yourself to go in to meditation. While in this space you can cultivate the feeling of letting go and ask yourself to be guided towards whats really bothering you in order to pin point it and then release it. When you feel pangs of discomfort come up and the tears percolating go deeper into that space and allow it to move.  

4. Move and get in to nature

Taking a walk in nature and moving our body is another way to move the energy we are feeling in our bodies and put it back into nature where it truly belongs. Leave your phone at home and take a long relaxing walk in nature putting your attention into the earth. The plants practice the art of letting go constantly. They are rooted in the cycle of death and rebirth with zero attachment simply allowing whats happening to move through them and transform them to the next step in evolution. 


WItness how you feel after you let go. Witness how you feel a few hours after and then witness again the next day. Physically releasing energy is the quickest way to create ease and harmony in the body. 



Rachel Pringle is the Co- Founder of Wild Woman