Now The Ego Is Her Dragon To Slay

Use this spell when you are feeling overwhelmed by what is happening in the outside world. Wether it be politics, crime, war or other things that rock our foundation. This spell brings balance to your eternal world which there fore brings balance to your external world.




"When bubbles float down and rain falls up

And Dionysus refuses to fill my cup

When a Capricorn's emotions she cannot hide

And an Aries man lays down his pride


A faerie queen sings a song of mirth

Painting a picture of our New Earth

Existing in a moment, free of time

Built of love and space, free of mind


Mother and Crone have foretold

Of a future land made from the old

A Maiden remembers the ancient ways

Now the Ego is her dragon to slay


Before the crest of a moon that's new

Witches gather with trusted few

A star lit sky bears witness alone

To the seeds of magic being sown


Illusion dissolves in the emerging light

None but Ra have ever been this bright."





We worry for the children and their safety, for the elderly and their peace of mind, and for how we will be able to bring this Earth back to love. Say these words to remember that we are not here to protest, fight, and control our way to healing. We are not here to fight the war against war. Let us remember that peace will come with the bright light of pure consciousness, love, and space. From within, so is without. As above, so below. Peace, loved one.



Sarah Beck is a word smith, clairvoyant and modern day witch. She uses her words to alchemise and create reality. Follow her at @writingwithlight