Pleasure And Creation Meditation

I know what you are thinking. Yes, this meditation has to do with pleasure and yes it has to do with your Yoni or for you men, your member. Not only is this going to curate that delicious pleasure of firing up your genitals it will also awaken your center for creation and purpose. Because truthfully what is more pleasurable than living a life of purpose and passion?


Our root chakra, where all these glorious things come from is our direct opening to receive from the earth and the beginning of the channel upwards into the rest of our chakras. When this spot is fired up with awareness it leads to incredible inspiration, creativity, abundance and yes, great SEX! All the wonderful things we desire wrapped into one.


Our root chakra at the base is about survival and the idea of feeling grounded into this experience. When we feel fulfilled and abundant in this area the gifts are endless.


Get your self into a comfortable seated position on a thick pillow where your knees are lower than your hips. Be sure to be in a quiet serene place that allows you to go within without any outside distractions. Be sure that your spine is straight with your shoulders back and your chin slightly tucked so you have good flow of energy.


Bring your palms facing upwards on both of your knees with your pad of your pointer finger and thumb touching. This mudra is for releasing frustration, blockages, and invites in healing, manifestation and pleasure.


Begin by closing your eyes and stating this mantra

"I am rooted into the core of the earth, allowing divine creation to enter me."



Start with 3-9 rounds of 33 hip rocks. This simply means rocking your hips from front to back in a similar manner that you would in the bedroom. This will start to awaken the lower chakra. Once you have completed 33 back to front hip rocks stop in the center with your spine straight and inhale your breath and energy upward through your chakras to the top of your head and then hold for a few seconds. Then continue to breath in and out for a few rounds to relish in this energy that you have cultivated within your own body. Then begin again with another 33 rocks until you have completed however many rounds feels good to you.


With each inhale say in your mind " I AM"

With each exhale say in your mind "HERE"


This is energetically telling your body physical and non-physical that you are here and ready to receive yourself. This practice is great to do before working on something creative, to feel grounded in yourself and when you want to get activated before making love.


Below is a root chakra vibration that will help to deepen your practice.


Rachel Co Founder of Wild Woman