Good Night

I sleep. Green light.

Naked skin, orange pillows, long wet hair. Cold water.

Streams of blue stars, are stars blue?

I'll never stop as long as i'm with you. Effervescent times seek me.


Time travels, time stops.

Here you are, I am here. 

I always have been.


Naked skin. I want to let you in.

Someone to trust, no one to lust. 

Everyone is ever mine.

I cannot stop. It is in me now.


The earth is moving.

Stop. Listen, Now.

One black dot. What does it means?

Words spill throughout me.


I fill your heart with something that isn't mine.

See me, See my soul.

Press your lips against my soul.


Speak naughty words.

Stop and think, does it mean anything to me.

If it does will I just stop, move, meander.

I will, because I need something more.


Honey on my hand reminds me its you.

Thank you. Good now.

Good bye.

Good High.

I am high now.

High on you.



Excerpt from an "Old Disc"

Poetry from within is a series of words that are created during transient experinces of opening in order to guide us to our deepest heart.

Rachel Pringle Co Founder of Wild Woman.