5 Ways to Honor Your Moon

A women's period or moon cycle is such a fascinating time. For many years, like most women, I felt very strong negative emotions around my period. Its associated with pain, hurt, discomfort, anguish and even shame and guilt. With the other side of "YES, Thank god I'm not pregnant!" We send such mixed messages to our body when we leave out the simple awareness that our physical vessel is going through a very deep process of releasing. 

In the modern world of working 9-5 and having a million others things to do there is a lot of grief that comes up when our body needs to chill. Instead of relaxing we are met with the story that we need to move through this by taking pills and shamming the fact that we aren't our usual self. We have PMS, we are moody, we are angry and everything heightened is blamed on the fact that we have our period. ARGH!! What if we were to change this state of mind from annoyance to deep healing? To surrender to the fact that our body desires to rest and give it the time and space to do what it does best.

In the old days when women got their period it was all about honor and worship of the sacred vessel. Signifying a purification and therefore met with massive ceremony to honor the magnificence of the human body. We are literally releasing life force from our womb. In the Native American culture when the women are on their period the whole tribe stops in order to hold space for the women. In other cultures they have a red tent where all the women commune together to create a scared container to go through this deep evolution. Let us get back to our roots and instead of separating, come together to be in reverence of this beautiful ritual.


Below are 5 ways to find balance and love during our periods.



1. Honor your body

Let us take this time to truly listen to our your body needs. For a lot of us this may mean laying in bed all day in pain. So how can we  re write this story and turn this annoying task into something ritualistic and honorary? Our body is cramping to release our internal lining so a great way to help the body during this process is to lightly stretch or move the body.


Spinal twists


Happy baby


Take a short walk in nature


Set up your space as a comfy haven and indulge in a great movie or book guilt free.




2. Acknowledge your current state and release your emotions



Yes, we are aware there are a lot of emotions that come up during this time. It's ok. Don't let it not be ok. When we acknowledge whats going on it somehow makes it seem a bit easier, lighter. Its when we ignore the fact that we are bleeding and try to be wonder woman doing everything, helping everyone else that the emotions can take on a mind of its own. A great way to move through this is creating a monthly ritual of releasing. Taking a pen to paper and write a list of all the stagnant energy, habits, things and people that you are ready to release. Like your cycle you allow yourself to let go and give space for something new to grow.


3. Deliver your blood to nature


This may seem a bit out of the ordinary yet its a very powerful act. We come from the earth, we are feed by the earth. She is here to guide us to a deeper understanding. To take our blood back to her, to feed her and thank her for feeding us is a great act of service. If you live in a city you can collect your blood in a jar and at the end of every day go outside and find a local tree or garden and happily give back while saying thanks for this beautiful relationship you are directly cultivating with the earth. If you live in a more rural area I encourage you to give this back to your garden. You will be amazed at how it flourishes with the rich medicine. Ive been feeding my plum tree for some years now and I must say they are the most delicious plums I've ever had. 


4. Make a ceremonial bath  


Its so important during this time to pamper yourself. Remind yourself of how important you are and how you deserve to be loved and taken care of. Taking a bath is just one beautiful thing you can do for yourself. For most of us we maybe take a bath twice a year so why not take this time to make it special! If you don't have a bath another wonderful thing you can do is make yourself a hot water bottle. This cuts the pain and cramping significantly. Lie in bed with this over your belly and rest 


5. Come together in Sisterhood


We have all heard that when you spend a lot of time with your girlfriends your cycle becomes synched up. Why not takes this opportunity to come together and be in community while we feel all the feels. The thing about feels is they seem the worst when we think or believe we are alone. When we come together and share we recognize we are all in this together. We give each other permission and relieve some of this stress we put on ourselves. Get with your sisters and go to the spa, binge watch something yummy, make delicious raw chocolates and get in a cuddle puddle. Togetherness is potent. 



There are so many different ways we can honor and serve ourselves during our monthly cycle. Let us as a collective shift the energy to be one of love and worship. To remind ourselves and each other that we are worthy of being witness to the majesty of our bodies. When we learn about our cycles we become more in tune with our entire being and there for the world. This is our power.




Written by Rachel Pringle Co-Founder of Wild Woman