I See You Everywhere

I cannot stop. Why can't I stop?

My eyes, your face, I see you everywhere.

I don't know you. But i do.


Your heart speaks to me in melodies. Sing me to sleep.

Ok. I will wait. Naked in my bed. 


I feel firm. Resilient. I master who I am and kill you with kindness.

See my kind heart. Hear me roar. I am a lion. So are you.


I once more will feed you what I know.

Nectar of the gods. Water, strength, you, me, stars, dust and a bleeding open heart.

It beats and I wait as you slowly recognize yourself in me. 


Freedom is what I know. Its what you want. Its why you want me.

You are afraid.

I know you now. I know what you are like.


I wonder, imagine a heart thus far open to my soul. Beating drums.

The birds are singing as you penetrate the space with conviction.


Whispering in my ear.

I want more. I don't want IT. I want YOU.



Everything is now. You are now, but you are not here.


Swallow me whole, breath me open.

I wait, breath. Panting, open, ready.


I must stop.

Sleep seeks me now. Seek me now.

As I dream.

Excerpt from an "Old Disc"

Poetry from within is a series of words that are created during transient experiences of opening in order to guide us to our deepest heart.

Written by the Co Founder Rachel Pringle