Full Moon In Capricorn, July 8th 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Oak in the flood


On July 8th 2017 we collectively aim for deep soul cleansing followed by visionary stabilization with the Full Moon in Capricorn.


After navigating the recent New Moon in Cancer, which invited us to engage with deeper levels of gentleness and self-nurturance, it is now time for us to re-engage our inner authority, toughen up and lay our eyes on the prize once again.


Capricorn, represented by the archetype of the Great Father, teaches us to commit, take full responsibility for our actions and aim for great achievement always keeping in mind what we may be able to contribute to the world in service of humanity as a whole.

The great work we point to here is not something that can be accomplished in an instant. These things take time, patience and determination to achieve; and these are the gifts of this Saturn ruled sign. So, what are you aiming to contribute in this world? What lights you up so much that it will be no problem to sustain a concerted effort to accomplish it, one foot in front of the other for as long as it takes?


The pulse of Capricorn energy presented during this full moon is an invitation to more fully integrate the qualities required to achieve the level of mastery that will collapse your long-term dream into reality on the physical plane.

We aim to clarify our long term vision during this time but first we must continue the deep dive into the labyrinth of our psyche; for missions of this degree can not be accomplished if our spirits are being anchored down by the anvils of unresolved issues that are still hiding in the corners of our consciousness.


Enter Pluto, the lord of the Underworld, which is closely conjunct this Capricorn Full Moon (and also part of a T-square between the sun/mars conjunction opposing the moon and Jupiter in Libra squaring it) This Plutonian influence infuses a quality of the deeply psychological to this lunar energy, of the mysterious, the taboo, the dark and edgy territories we don’t always want to look at, but in order to truly maximize this energy we must.  


The shadowy territories of your deep psyche are available for access now, bubbling up from your subconscious through your heart space. If you feel a certain heaviness, strong emotion of any kind, or unexplained intensity during the days surrounding the Full Moon these are invitations to take a closer look within and try to find the root, what is actually generating the sensation?


What are the thoughts that are behind the feelings?


Are there places inside your consciousness that you have been repressing?


Are there unresolved issues or traumas within that may be serving as energy drains?


Are you bumping up against a certain set of triggers in your external that are pulling up your “stuff?”


What is being shown to you about how you relate to yourself when emotions or sticky relationship situations are present?


Capricorn is usually oriented toward the outer world and the work we do there, but in order to be truly effective in that space, we have to focus first on the inner space. Remember, it takes energy to keep issues repressed, energy that could be redirected in service of your mission in the world. This is a beautiful opportunity to feel into your deep psyche and commit to doing the work (in true Capricorn fashion) to face, resolve and release the unresolved material that Pluto is giving you access to during this time so that the energy can be freed up and channeled towards your mission in the outer world instead.


If you dare to do this deep internal dive, you’ll find that you come out on the other side with more energy and a greater capacity to receive divine inspiration in service of the creative engine that will drive your mission forward in the long term. No matter what comes forward during this time, with Capricorn involved, you’ll find an inner strength and resolve that can move mountains. You are the solid oak tree that is stable and rooted, able to withstand any flood [of emotion] and come out on the other side the savior upon which all the other beings can climb upon to find solace and fresh air once again. 




Content By: Megan Zimring - Founder of My Soulful Evolution Astrology

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