Believe In You, Believe In Me.

I don't want to be afraid. No more.

I will stand. I will yell. This is me.


i change like a shower.

Sometimes soft, sometimes light. Always wet.


Stop the mind. Stop the thought. Be.

Believe. Believe in you, in me.

Man is kind.

Allow us to be free. 


i will swallow your heat. Spit out fire.

Light my desires with golden rain.

Chipped walls that block my love. They will fade.


A bare onion raw. Soft and strong.

A pungent flavor that never leaves.

Done with me. You'll never be.




Excerpt from an "Old Disc"

Poetry from within is a series of words that are created during transient experiences of opening in order to guide us to our deepest heart.



Written by the Co Founder Rachel Pringle