United To Evolve

Be gone, the ego we carry in ourselves. Be gone, the ego we carry in tribe. Be gone, the ego we carry as countrymen. No leader, no doctrine, shall foster you again. 



"Freedom rings

This is true

Find you many

Far from the truth


Blood is red

Running in our veins

Being used for violence

Passion used in vain


Blue painted faces

Bordered up hearts

A segregated people

Puppets playing their part


Upon this night

Pray to the priestess, high

Come heal the ego

Under this Star Spangled sky


Stripes of honor

Camouflage dissolved

Warriors of love

Come when you're called


United for change

Not only in States

United to evolve

The human race."



The true Manifest Destiny does not leave lack behind for one in the favor of gain for another. It claims the ground of consciousness and expands, expands, expands. We are here not to grow in pain, we are here to grow until we soar. Until we've expanded so greatly that our atoms seamlessly blend into unknowable space with each other. Until then, know the illusion of "other" as the ultimate falsehood . Let us reimagine, reclaim, and heal the tools used to empower the lie of separateness.




Sarah Beck is a word smith, clairvoyant and modern day witch. She uses her words to alchemise and create reality. Follow her at @writingwithlight